CodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter is a stand-alone ClickOnce application that lets you automatically transfer your email signatures, signature adding rules and conditional placeholders from CodeTwo Exchange Rules to CodeTwo Email Signatures 365. The tool is especially helpful if you plan to migrate from on-premises Exchange to Microsoft 365 (Office 365) and you want to keep using your on-premises signatures with our cloud-based solution.

To download and install the application, click Convert to cloud on the toolbar of the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Administration Panel (Fig. 1.).

Downloading the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter.
Fig. 1. Downloading the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter.

Once installed, the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter runs automatically. You can also run the application by clicking the Convert to cloud button again in the Adminisistration Panel, or directly from the Start menu in Windows, by selecting CodeTwoCodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter.

To learn more about the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Converter and how to use it, see this article.


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