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The Administration Panel of CodeTwo Exchange Rules is the console that enables central management of email rules within an organization. The Administration Panel can be installed using the setup wizard of the program during the initial installation of the software or at any point later via the Control Panel. The panel consists of several tabs that give you a direct access to every key feature of the program including complex configuration of rules, advanced settings, server monitor and diagnostic files. Furthermore, you will also find here direct links to Technical support and User's Manual if you need any help with the program's configuration.

The Administration Panel.
Fig. 1. The Administration Panel.

Please note that no matter if it is a single-server or a multi-server environment, you may install practically as many Administration Panels as you want. However, please do it wisely and install them only if necessary. Additionally, as all of the panels are of equal rank, you may configure the program on the chosen machine prior to the granted access rights. The configuration of access rights assures that only predefined employees can access and configure rules for you company so make sure to set them up after fresh installation of the program as everyone within the organization will have full access rights granted by default.

Last but not least, thanks to the real-time replication of settings any changes introduced in one particular panel will be instantly propagated to the rest of panels, which guarantees that all the settings are constantly up-to-date.


Note that the changes in the rest of the Administration Panels will only be visible once the particular window is restarted.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Administration Panel may be used not only by Active Directory users (which is a Windows based authentication type) but also by external users. To define custom users from outside the domain which will be able to use the program, go to the Logon settings, mark the External user radio button and then enter the credentials.


The external user's credentials need to be previously created within Rules Access Rights Management console.

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Exchange Rules Service - this article contains information about services responsible for processing rules and settings defined in the Administration Panel and applying them to messages traveling through the Exchange Server.

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