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Troubleshooting problems with connection to Exchange Rules services


The Administration Panel is not able to connect to the Exchange Rules Service, and you get various errors.


Use the links below to learn about the most common problems and how to solve them.

Connection to the Exchange Rules Service cannot be established via proxy

If you see the error below when using CodeTwo software, then the address of your proxy server might be incorrect. See this article for more information.

Error creating the Web proxy specified in the "" configuration section.

Connection problems related to firewall settings

If the Administration Panel is not able to connect to the Exchange Rules Service and the errors shown in Fig. 1. or similar are displayed, the connection may be blocked by your firewall policy. To solve this issue, check and fix the configuration of your firewall.

Fig. 1. The connection failure notifications that are often related to firewall settings.

You are not able to connect to the software's services from a non-server (client) machine: problems with access rights

When you launch the Administration Panel on a workstation (client machine), the panel is not able to connect to the Exchange Rules Pro Service, and you get the following access rights error:

You don't have permissions to access the program. Access Rights Management is currently switched on in CodeTwo Exchange Rules and you don't belong to any access role. Contact the program administrator to request appropriate access rights.

This error can be related to:

Insufficient access rights

If the access rights error appears, this usually means that the Windows (Active Directory) account with which you opened the Administration Panel is not permitted to access it. You need to make sure that this account is added to an appropriate access role in the Access Rights Management (ARM) settings of the CodeTwo software.

Learn how to manage access rights in CodeTwo Exchange Rules
Learn how to manage access rights in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

If necessary, contact the administrator who is responsible for these settings in your organization.

IIS-related problems with user authentication in Windows

The access rights error can also appear if user authentication in Windows fails, and it is related to the configuration of Internet Information Services (IIS). In this case, the error is not related to the access rights in the CodeTwo software, and may appear even if ARM is disabled. To solve this issue, you need to add the user account used to run the Administration Panel to the IIS_IUSRS group in Active Directory (this group is created by default by IIS). You can do that by opening Active Directory Users and Computers. Find your user, right-click their name and choose Add to a group from the shortcut menu. Then type IIS_IUSRS, click Check Names (Fig. 2.) and then click OK to save your changes. After that, the connection between the Administration Panel and the Exchange Rules (Pro) services should be successful.

Fig. 2. Adding a user account to the IIS_IUSRS group.

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