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A signature is inserted in a wrong place in a message


A signature is added in a wrong place inside the body of an email message. For example, your signature is inserted at the end of an email conversation thread instead of directly under your latest response.


Incorrect location of inserted signatures is usually caused by non-standard reply separators used by your email client. It might also happen that a specific element inside the email body (such as a table or horizontal line) is recognized as an email separator by CodeTwo software. That is why, before you proceed, make sure that you have the latest version of CodeTwo software. We update the reply separator definitions with each release.

Reply separators

Each email client has its individual reply separator. To insert a signature directly under a response, our software searches the whole email body for a reply separator phrase. If the phrase is not found, the signature is inserted at the bottom of an email (or email conversation). CodeTwo software recognizes most of the standard reply separators. However, in certain mobile devices or email clients, the reply separators may be differently formatted or may not be added at all. As a result, a signature gets inserted in a wrong place.

Click the links below to learn about the most common problems and how to solve them:

If solving the problem on your own is not possible, find out how to send diagnostic files to CodeTwo Customer Support.

A signature is inserted in a wrong place in an email conversation (e.g. not under my latest response in this conversation)

If a signature is inserted incorrectly within an email correspondence (for example, at the very end or in the middle of your correspondence instead of directly under your latest reply), you need to check the signature placement settings in the editor of your CodeTwo software. To learn how to do that, see:

  • this manual - if you use software from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family
  • this manual - if you use CodeTwo Email Signatures 365.

If the settings in the editor are correct, but the signature is still inserted in a wrong place, the problem might be related to your email client's reply separator (learn more). To get a solution, some diagnostic files need to be prepared and sent to CodeTwo Customer Support, where a fix based on those files will be prepared. See this section for guidelines.

Signatures are inserted in unexpected places within an email body, e.g. inside a table, after some particular phrases, or below images

It may happen that a specific part of your message is recognized as a reply separator. As a result, the signature is inserted directly above it. To solve your problem, prepare diagnostic files and send them to CodeTwo Customer Support by following these guidelines.

My email contains a horizontal line, and my signature is added right above/below this line

If your email body (or signature) contains a horizontal line somewhere in the middle and our software inserts a signature right before or after that horizontal line, this is because this horizontal line was treated as a reply separator by our software. Horizontal lines are part of many reply separator definitions, which means they are recognized as parts of the email body which mark the end of the newest email and the beginning of the previous message. Our software is sometimes not able to recognize which horizontal lines are part of the email body, and which are separating the end/beginning of a message.

We recommend avoiding horizontal lines in emails to prevent problems with misplaced signatures. If you need to use a horizontal line in your messages and you encounter problems with signatures being placed incorrectly in conversations, contact us and provide samples of your emails together with information about your environment, as described in this section. We will try to find a solution.

How to send diagnostic files to CodeTwo Customer Support

To diagnose your problem and prepare a solution, we need:

  • sample email messages in which the problem is reproduced (a signature has been inserted in a wrong place by CodeTwo software). If there are multiple scenarios that cause the problem, we need sample emails reproducing all of them;
  • copies of the same messages that have not been processed by CodeTwo and do not contain any signature (the easiest way to get such messages is to disable the CodeTwo Sent Items Update service and export the messages from your Sent Items folder);
  • information about your setup (the version of your email client and CodeTwo software, and so forth).


An identically looking issue may have different causes on different email clients or even in the same email client installed on different machines. In order to fully understand and effectively remedy your problem, we need to collect sufficient information.

Therefore, we ask you to prepare and send us diagnostic messages created in the way described below, collected from several different email clients and/or machines in which the problem occurs.

Follow the steps below to prepare diagnostic files and send them to CodeTwo Customer Support.

  1. Add a new signature rule. Set this rule to apply only to the user who will be reproducing the problem. The rule needs to insert a signature directly under the latest message. Make sure that the rule does not block the other rules configured in your organization.
  2. Ensure that the Sent Items Update service is turned off during this procedure.

    The next steps can be performed by any user who is able to reproduce the problem.

  3. Prepare diagnostic emails. The procedure depends on the issue you're having:
    1. If a signature is misplaced when you reply to or forward a message via a specific email client:
      1. Send a message with a simple subject (e.g. C2TEST1) from yourself to yourself so that the signature is applied. You can use any email client to do so.
      2. Reply or forward this message to yourself using the email client in which the problem occurs (e.g. the messaging app on your mobile device). The reply/forward message cannot be empty - write any short text or include a dummy text unless instructed otherwise by our support team.
      3. As a result, your Inbox contains an email that reproduces the problem, and the Sent Items folder of your mail client holds a clean copy of this message.
    2. If the problem is caused by a particular email content (e.g. a table, specific phrase, horizontal line, or image):
      1. Create a new email with a simple subject (e.g. C2TEST1), insert the content that causes the problem (e.g. a table or horizontal line) and send this email to yourself. If you are not able to reproduce the problem by creating a new email, use the message in which the problem occurs.
      2. As a result, you should have an email in which the problem is reproduced in your Inbox, and a clean copy of this message in the Sent Items folder of your mail client.
  4. If the problem occurs in other cases, prepare diagnostic emails for every message variant in which a signature is misplaced, for example:
    • if the signature is incorrectly positioned when you reply to or forward an email, prepare diagnostic files separately for your reply and for your forward message (replies and forwards are different cases);
    • if the problem occurs in different email clients (or different versions of a specific email client), prepare diagnostic files independently for each email client (or each version of your email client).
  5. Export/save the diagnostic emails (both from your Inbox and from Sent Items). Use an email format that contains the complete message file, for example MSG or EML.
    Learn how to export emails to MSG/EML
  6. Enable the Sent Items Update service, if necessary, and remove the test rule created in Step 1.
  7. Export the settings of the CodeTwo product that you use:
    1. If you use the software from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family, export your settings and email rules. See guidelines for:
    2. If you use CodeTwo Email Signatures 365:
      • Open the editor, copy the source code of your signature, and save it to a text file.
      • Create screenshots that show how signatures are added in your correspondence (we need to know how you configured the settings described in this article).
  8. Zip the diagnostic emails and program settings, and use our file uploader to send them to CodeTwo Customer Support. Provide detailed information about the version of the CodeTwo software and your email client.
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