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How to send files to CodeTwo Customer Support


You would like to send files (such as program logs, screenshots, emails, etc.) to CodeTwo for diagnostic purposes.


To ensure maximum safety of your files and speed up our response, you should only send us files via a dedicated file upload form. There are two ways to access it:

  • If you haven't reported the problem yet, use our contact form to tell us about the problem. Right after you fill in and send this form, our contact page will display the ID of your case and a dedicated link that allows you to send us files (the link will also be included in the confirmation email from CodeTwo). The link leads to a file upload form that is associated with your case ID (Fig. 1.). Before you submit any files, remember to give a description of the problem and your environment.
  • If you already have a case/ticket open with us, click the file upload link included in the confirmation email received from CodeTwo when your case was created. This will open a custom upload form (Fig. 1.) – use it to send diagnostic files to CodeTwo Customer Support. Make sure to describe the issue and tell us more about your environment.

Customer Support - file upload form
Fig. 1. A custom file upload form.