Update to the CodeTwo Exchange Rules software family – OAuth 2.0 support and more

If you are using our software to manage email signatures and disclaimers in Exchange, then this news is for you. We released a new version of the following products from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family:

The new version brings significant changes to the Sent Items Update (SIU) service, which now uses the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol to connect to Microsoft 365 (Office 365). Our Dev team also made improvements to the program’s architecture and introduced several fixes to problems reported by our customers. The installation of the update is mandatory if you are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules (Pro) in a hybrid Exchange environment and optional (but recommended) if you run the program in an on-premises only Exchange environment.

Update to the CodeTwo Exchange Rules software family – OAuth 2.0 support and more

The SIU service now supports modern authentication

The Sent Items Update feature allows end users to see their email signatures added by CodeTwo software in the Sent Items folder across different devices and email clients. The service also works in hybrid Exchange environments, updating emails sent from Microsoft 365 / Office 365.

As of October 2020, Microsoft began disabling basic authentication in Exchange Online, starting with newly created tenants (learn more). With the new release, the SIU service now follows the more secure OAuth 2.0 flow when connecting to Microsoft 365, completely dropping the use of the legacy Basic Auth protocol for that purpose. To be able to use the service in a hybrid environment, you need to register the CodeTwo application in Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory) of your Microsoft 365 tenant. The registration is done automatically when configuring the SIU service or you can register the application manually by following these steps.

AAD application registration options

In other words, if you are using the program in a hybrid Exchange environment, the update is mandatory. That way, you don’t have to worry the service will stop working with your cloud organization at any point in the future.

Important: If you have been using the Sent Items Update feature in a hybrid environment, you need to reconfigure the SIU service after you update your CodeTwo Exchange Rules software from version x.13 or older to a newer one (x.14 and later). Otherwise, the end users will not see their signatures in the Sent Items folder. Note that you will also be reminded about the required reconfiguration when installing the update.

To learn more about the SIU service and how to configure it, see the user’s manual for your product:

To see what else has been changed in new version of the program, check the version history page:

How to update

First, download the newest version of the CodeTwo Exchange Rules product that you use via the links below:

Next, install the update on top of your existing installation. All your settings and email rules will remain intact. If the program (the Exchange Rules Service or the Administration Panel) is installed on multiple machines in your environment, make sure to update it on all these machines.

Important: Before updating CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro in Exchange 2007 or 2010, make sure you read this section.

The update is free of charge for all customers that own a license for the product of the same major version number (the first figure of your current version number must be the same as the first figure of the newly released version, e.g.

If you have an older version of the program you and want to perform an upgrade or migrate to a different CodeTwo product, or if you have other questions, feel free to contact us.

Important note for organizations using Exchange 2007 or 2010

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro works with any version of Exchange Server, starting with Exchange 2007. However, to make the program compatible with OAuth 2.0, the software’s Administration Panel now requires .NET Framework 4.5 to work. This means that the panel can no longer be installed on a server machine running Exchange 2007 or 2010 (these versions of Exchange Server do not support .NET Framework 4.5).

It is not necessary to update the program to continue using it with Exchange 2007 or 2010. But if you proceed with the update in these environments, you need to install the Administration Panel on a client machine that meets these system requirements to be able to manage email rules in your organization. Note that the Exchange Rules Service (responsible for processing email rules) still needs to be installed on a server machine – no change here.

Important: Once you perform an update of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro on a server machine where Exchange 2007 or 2010 is deployed, the Administration Panel will be uninstalled from that machine. When you install the Administration Panel on a different (client) machine, all your existing email rules will be automatically synchronized with that pane (if you have been using the Access Rights functionality, make sure that at least one user will have access to the panel and email rules on the new machine). However, if you had any custom signature templates saved in the Template Library, you need to move them manually to the new machine. See this article to learn how to do so.

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