Signature template editor

One of the major features of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is that it comes with built-in signature template editor (Fig. 1.) that can help you compose signatures, disclaimers and other personalized email sections.

ER - Signature template editor
Fig. 1. The signature template editor.

The signature template editor is a standalone application with a user-friendly interface. The editor's window contains an editable field used to compose a signature and built-in (non-editable) sample message components (original message, conversation thread). The alignment of these sections may vary depending on the action. For example, when composing a signature, the editable field is in the center (Fig. 1.) of the editor's window.

To open the signature template editor, add one of the following actions:

to your rules in the Administration Panel and click Edit.

To learn about all the features available in the signature template editor, see CodeTwo Signature template editor - User's manual.

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Signature template library - this article describes a library of predefined signature/disclaimer templates that may be used instead of creating new templates from scratch.

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