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Remote access to Exchange email rules for Marketing teams

Email signatures are a great way to support your marketing campaigns. However, when a Marketing team needs to deploy and manage email signatures on Exchange, they need to access the mail server directly to create or modify mail flow rules (transport rules). Alternatively, this task can be delegated to server admins. A similar situation occurs when your ISO (Information Security Officer) needs to manage mail flow, apply DLP rules or monitor mail conversations.

Giving direct administrative access to non-admins is not a very good idea, and is often also forbidden by the company’s policy. Delegating marketing duties to admins is not a common practice either – these tasks should stay in the marketing department.

Luckily, there is a solution. Ease up your marketing teams' life and deploy the Administration Panel of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro on their machines. With fully customizable access rights to rules, you can decide what they can see, edit and create. Additionally, the panel can be used even outside of your domain, which gives you the chance to delegate signature editing, mail flow management, DLP policies creation, and more to users that are not physically present in your company. And since the feature gives access only to one specific area instead to the whole system, your IT department can rest assured knowing that no changes will be made to the server.

Key features:

  • Remote access to selected rules
  • Email signature management delegation to the marketing team
  • Company-wide email banners, signatures and marketing campaigns deployment
  • Remote DLP and email rerouting, plus other mail processing rules management
  • Settings uploaded to the server and applied to all program’s instances simultaneously
  • Advanced access right management module based on access role rights and rules rights allowing for restricted rights assignments
  • Support for external domain users
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • VPN not required for operation
remote access to rules


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