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Email forwarding or rerouting to internal or external users on Exchange server

Why add an email forwarding feature to CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, if Exchange Server can do this natively without any third-party products? This is a question many of you may have just asked yourself. That's true, Exchange has email forwarding capabilities but the truth is they still leave much to be desired. In Exchange you cannot forward email to external addresses unless you manually add them to distribution groups and/or create Active Directory contacts.

And what if you want to forward only selected emails (not all correspondence) sent to a given user? What if you need to quickly set up forwarding rules to many addresses? What if you want to create a content checking policy that informs managers about suspicious emails? Naturally, all these questions are meant to turn your eyes on CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro.

Key features:

  • Quick and easy-to-use Exchange email auto-forwarder,
  • Auto-forwarding of selected messages only,
  • Email forwarding to one or multiple recipients (both internal and external),
  • Subject modifier for forwarded messages,
  • Forwarding messages without any action on end users' part,
  • Automatic forwarding of invoices, support queries, emails sent to wrong departments, etc.,
  • Rerouting Exchange messages sent to disabled AD users,
  • Forwarding emails based on their content, attachments, type of the message or its direction,
  • Adding attachments to forwarded messages,
  • Auto-delivering of messages to correct departments (auto-forwarding of invoices, job applications, tech support emails, etc.),
  • And probably more than we ourselves could think of.

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