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Email forwarding or rerouting to internal or external users on Exchange server

Email forwarding is a powerful feature that can be used to manage and supervise the entire mail flow in your organization. But only, if you can use it to its full potential. It is possible to use mail flow rules in Exchange to forward emails, but this functionality is quite limited. For example, it does not allow to apply these rules to specific messages only or forward messages to external users without manually adding email addresses to Active Directory contacts or distribution groups.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, on the other hand, is a multipurpose email signatures manager for Exchange that also gives you full control over every single email. The program allows you to effortlessly set up forwarding rules based on numerous conditions and exceptions. Possible implementations include forwarding whole correspondence or only selected emails sent to or from a given user, creating a content checking policy that can reroute any suspicious emails to a specific person or email address, rerouting emails to Active Directory users as well as external email addresses, and more! The email forwarding feature can also help you stay GDPR-compliant!

Key features:

  • Quick and easy-to-use automatic email forwarding for Exchange
  • Auto-forwarding of selected messages only
  • Email forwarding to one or multiple recipients (both internal and external)
  • Subject modifier for forwarded messages
  • Forwarding messages without any action on end users' part
  • Automatic forwarding of invoices, support queries, emails sent to the wrong departments, etc.
  • Rerouting Exchange messages sent to disabled AD users
  • Forwarding emails based on their content, attachments, type of the message, its direction or header
  • Adding attachments to forwarded messages
  • Rerouting suspicious messaged to specific persons or email addresses
  • And many other possible usages of the email forwarding feature!
CodeTwo ER Pro - Email forwarding


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