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Server-level auto responders for Exchange Server

Out of the box, Exchange Server has very limited auto-responding capabilities. The standard functionality includes only Out Of Office messages that were originally designed to notify the senders that the recipient is unavailable at a certain period of time. They have limited customization options and don’t include the sender’s original message in the reply. What’s more, it is extremely hard to manage them without setting anything on the client machines.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro overcomes these limitations, giving you fully customizable and centrally managed autoreplies that can be used in many different scenarios, e.g. as sales autoreplies, customer support notifications or as messages informing about inactive email addresses. What’s more, these auto replies can look just like ordinary emails: with graphics, original messages under the response, email signatures and even attachments.

With CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro you get:

  • Centrally managed and fully customizable auto replies for all or selected users;
  • Auto replies triggered according to rules based on many criteria, not only the recipient’s address;
  • Attachments automatically added to auto responders;
  • Auto-replies for disabled Active Directory accounts;
  • Editable From, To, CC and BCC fields;
  • The ability to modify, or tag subjects;
  • Fully customizable auto reply body with full support for HTML formatting;
  • Loop protection to prevent auto reply loops;
  • and a whole lot more!



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