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Customizable filtering and DLP policies for Exchange server

How to stop an email from leaving your organization with critical data in it? Credit card details, internal documents, financial reports, confidential data – these all are very sensitive pieces of information that can be exploited if they fall into the wrong hands. And let’s not forget the data breach penalties imposed by the GDPR. Luckily, such a scenario can be avoided with CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro DLP (Data Leak Protection) feature.

By using a wide range of built-in DLP dictionaries and regular expressions, CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro can seal your server tightly to prevent any data leakage. These dictionaries are categorized into separate collections of words and phrases that allow detecting messages containing data that is not meant to be shared outside of your company. The program can also be configured to detect attachments and remove them before any email leaves your server. Moreover, messages that violate your data protection policy can either be blocked or forwarded, for example, to your data protection officer (DPO).

Key features:

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Exchange Rules PRO - DLp


CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro allows to apply DLP rules to your mailflow.
There is a rich library of predefined categories containing dictionaries with ready to use phrases.
Combine DLP keyword filter with other actions and create automated mail-flow management rules.
DLP policies apply to not only email body content.

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