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Central management of email flow and content based on rules

Central management of email content, flow and signatures is essential in every Exchange organization. In the age of remote work, BYOD, overflowing mailbox databases and new legal requirements popping up every second, CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro lets you avoid a lot of trouble and anxiety by offering features and options absent from mail flow rules in Exchange.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro enables one user to centrally control all Exchange mail without leaving their desk. The design principle that allows this is the tried-and-true rule mechanics that consists of 4 simple steps:

  1. Choosing Conditions (what criteria have to be met for an email to be processed).
  2. Choosing Exceptions (what criteria have to be met for the email to be skipped).
  3. Choosing Actions (how the email will be handled, modified, routed, forwarded, annexed, etc.).
  4. Setting up Additional options (processing subsequent rules and rule time ranges).

Key advantages of using our centralized management solution:

  • allow a single person to manage branding, marketing, routing, DLP, etc. by using an intuitive and user-friendly Administration Panel, with built-in HTML editor
  • take command of all email properties and contents by taking advantage of clear and precise rule and actions configuration
  • ensure correct execution of settings on any number of servers with semi-automatic, server-level Exchange Rules Pro Services
  • access the Administration Panel from any Internet location through a secure remote connection
  • delegate selected, non-IT users to perform specific tasks without compromising server security by using a built-in Access Rights Management feature
  • take the central management to a new level by integrating our solution with custom web or mobile apps thanks to CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro API.
CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro - Central management based on rules

How difficult is it to deploy email signatures?

Watch the following video to see how centralizing email signature management in a 250-employee company can make admin's life easier. 

Deploying email signatures - video


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