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Customer Case Study


CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro - Case Study by BenComm

Company description

Established in 1991 as a telecommunications technical support organization, BenComm is now the leading local provider of Avaya SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) IP Telephony products in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. With over 20 years of market experience, BenComm is now ranked in the Top 5 of Avaya SME dealers in the United States.


Before implementing CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, BenComm had to deal with the problem of enforcing a unified email signature template to all users. Employees would often edit their signatures individually and therefore their emails didn’t look professional and would not fit marketing strategies of the company.


Mark Rowe, Chief Operating Officer at BenComm, found CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro on Google. The program was widely recommended by other users on IT forums so he decided to give it a try. The installation itself took 15 minutes and after the initial launch it quickly turned out that the program was capable of solving BenComm’s signature issues. The well-designed user interface and good feature set is, according to Rowe, what first attracted his attention. The program resolved BenComm’s signature problems in 100%. “By implementing CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO we can now enforce an email signature policy that is consistent with our marketing strategies. This gives us a more professional look to our current and prospective customers.”, claims Mark Rowe. “Also, CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO allows our users to have a consistent email signature no matter what email client they are using (Outlook, OWA, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)”, he adds.


Company nameBenComm
Number of employees35-40
Number of emails processed every day250 to 1750 outbound, 500 to 3500 inbound
Server typeMicrosoft Exchange Server 2010
Number of servers1
ProblemsEnforcing a unified email signature to all users.
Solution/ProductCodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO
Installation type50 mailboxes
Installation time1 day (install and config)

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