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Email attachment control on Exchange Server

Email attachments can have a big impact on IT infrastructure performance and security. They affect the message store of Exchange Server and are potential carriers of malware and viruses. At the same time, they are crucial in business communication as users need to exchange files e.g. offers, invoices and quotations. For that reason applying tailored email attachment control policies in companies, which protect the network and give users the necessary freedom, is crucial for every IT department.

Exchange Server admins can use some built-in features of Exchange that are incorporated in the Hub Transport/Mail Flow rules. However, these rules lack several features that are needed to fully control attachments in emails, e.g. the files can’t be removed, compressed or archived. You can’t also automatically add files to emails, which may come in handy in sales auto-replies and general marketing correspondence.

Luckily, CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro can overcome these limitations by adding the following features to Exchange:

  • Remove attachments from emails according to file size, or type, message direction or sender’s/recipient’s properties
  • Compress attachments that exceed a given file size limit
  • Block attachments with given extension or exceeding a given number of mega bytes
  • Save attachments to a dedicated network drive and notify recipients
  • Add attachments automatically to emails according to rules

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Attachment control


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