CodeTwo Exchange Sync

  • Synchronize Exchange folders
  • Access public folders on mobile devices
  • Synchronize data in real time
  • For Exchange Server 2013, 2010 & 2007

Modifiers - dynamic tagging of replicated data

Apart from conditions, another unique feature of CodeTwo Exchange Sync that gives the administrator wide control over synchronized data is modifiers.

The modifiers let you modify the attributes (fields) of synchronized items on the fly. The administrator can use the feature to change the title, category, date, and many other attributes before saving items to the target folder. This feature is particularly helpful in one-way synchronization - type many to one - where data from multiple source folders is replicated to a single target folder.

Modifications od synchronized items when using CodeTwo Exchange Sync

While configuring the modifier, the administrator selects the attribute that will be changed before saving the item to the target folder as well as decides how the attribute will be modified. The modifiers also let you change multiple attributes of an item.

Add modifications

To get more details on how to use modifiers, see the User's manual.