CodeTwo Exchange Sync enables the modification of items' attributes during the process of synchronization. You can for example tag all items with a selected category, change its subject, set a new start date etc. It is an on-the-fly modification and does not change the items in the source folder. All changes are reflected only in the replicated items in the target folder(s).

To modify source items while synchronizing them to the target folders click Add in the Item modifications pane (Fig. 1.). In the window that displays, configure the modifications that will be performed on the previously defined types of items.

ES - Adding modification.
Fig. 1. Adding new modification within the Administration Panel.

The Add modification window enables definition of actions that will be performed on source items during the synchronization to the target folder based on three factors:

  • Modification - the type of action that will be performed on the source items during synchronization to the target folder. Note that two out of five types of modifications can be applied to the Calendar items only. Refer to the table below to learn more
  • Property name - the type of item that will be encompassed by the modification. Note that the available values of the property name depend on the item type scheduled for synchronization.
  • Value - the original value of the chosen property will be replaced with this value. Note that the available values depend on the item type scheduled for synchronization.

The table below presents the available types of modifications including their description and types of items they can be defined for:

Modification's name Description Items types
Change property Replaces a chosen property of a source item with a defined value during synchronization to the target folder, e.g. fileds like: Subject, Categories, Importance, etc.   All available items
Clear body Clears the body content of the source item during synchronization to the target folder. Please note that the original body format will be left unchanged.
Remove attachments Removes attachments from the source item during synchronization to the target folder. Note that all the attachments will be removed except for those inserted directly into the item's body (OLE type).

Convert meeting request to regular appointment

Each Meeting request will be converted to regular event. Note that all remaining attributes of the item including the list of attendees will be left unchanged and visible on the target mailbox after synchronization. Calendar items only

Hide private content

Hides sensitive content of items marked as private. This modification will execute the following actions on source item during synchronization:
  • change subject to private
  • change location to private
  • clear item's body
  • remove attachments from the item
  • remove the list of attendees

Note, that if you choose calendar items scheduled for synchronization, the program will automatically add two modifications: Convert meeting to regular appointment and Hide private content.

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After configuring the modifications, they will be added to the list of active modifications (Fig. 2.). 

ES - List of active modifications.
Fig. 2.The list of active modifications for the folders incuded in synchronization.

Modifying Subjects

The subject modification is different from other modifications as it enables creating a template that will be used to form the new subject of the synchronized item. Therefore, this type of modification can only be used for the items' types that include a subject in their entity.

To create a subject modification for the chosen type of a source item, click Add in the Item Modifications pane. In the Add modifcation window expand the context menu in the Property name field and choose Subject (Fig. 3.).

ES - Choosing subject as Property name.
Fig. 3. Subject modification dialog box.

Next, use the String template field to create a template that will be used to replace the subject of the source item before reaching the target. Note that the subject of the source item won't change and it will only be visible within the target folder. While composing the template, you can also make use of the placeholders that will be replaced with the appropriate values from Active Directory. To add placeholders click Insert Placeholder and choose one from the list (Fig. 4.).

ES - Subject modification.
Fig. 4. Inserting placeholders that will replace the subject of the source item. 

The table below shows the available placeholders as well as the values they are replaced with during the synchronization: 

Placeholder Placeholder's value
{OriginalText} Item's original subject
{CurrentDate} Item's synchronization time
{SourceFolderName} Item source folder's name
{SourceFolderPath} Path to item's source folder
{SourceMailboxName} Name of item's source Exchange mailbox

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