Do I need a license for the server or each user, or for each folder I want to synchronize? 

The licensing model for CodeTwo Exchange Sync is "per environment" (it can be installed on any machine within a particular environment). Therefore, one license of CodeTwo Exchange Sync can be used to install the program on one machine only. There is no limit as to the number of users benefiting from the program or the number of folders you want to synchronize.
If you would like to install the program on several machines within your environment you need to buy the adequate number of licenses. Important: in such case please remember that the settings defined in each Administration Panel won't be replicated to its other instances. Therefore, if you schedule the same folders for synchronization duplicates are likely to appear and the synchronization process will be looped.

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Do I have to renew the license annually? 

No. Licenses for the software are perpetual. This means you are not obligated to renew it after 12 months. Furthermore, you have the right to update the application with all point upgrades regardless of the date of their release. For example, if you are a paid user of CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.0, you can upgrade with all installers versioned 2.x. But at the same time, if you like the features of the newer 3.0 version once it is released, you might need to pay for the upgrade. 

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The program can be used in the trial mode as a fully functional version for 30 days. To continue using the program once the trial expires, you need to activate it with a purchased license key. 

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