Log files

The log files contain diagnostic data that can be used when the program deviates from its intended behavior. To open up the log files dialog box, click Logs in the ribbon of the CodeTwo Exchange Sync Administration Panel (Fig. 1.). 

ES - Logs button in Admin's Panel.
Fig. 1. Logs button in the ribbon of the Administration Panel of the program.

After clicking the Logs button, the folder containing log files opens. 

Log files Location

The Log files section shows the path to the folder containing the log files. The log files are saved by default in the installation directory in the Logs subfolder. To quickly browse to the Logs folder, click Open next to the field with the path to the Logs folder. The log files are TXT files that can be opened with a Notepad. In a single day the application can create a number of TXT log files in the following format: YYYY.MM.DD_00001, YYYY.MM.DD_00002, YYYY.MM.DD_00003 …, where Y is the year, M – the month, and D to the day on which the file was created. The maximum size of the file is 2MB. 

Note that it's impossible to change the location of the log files.

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