Installation process

The installation of the program is simple and takes up to 60 seconds. However, please make sure first that you meet the requirements.

In the case this is not the first time you are installing the software please consult our articles on: uninstalling, reinstalling and moving the software to another machine. Be also advised that updating or upgrading the software (find out the difference between update and upgrade) is as easy as installing the new version on the top of the old one.

After starting the installer you need to accept the licensing agreement and in the next step point to the location where you want the program to be installed (Fig. 1.). By default, the program will be installed to C:\Program Files\CodeTwo\CodeTwo Exchange Sync however the path may be changed if necessary.

ES - Choosing the installation path.
Fig. 1. Choosing the installation path.

Once the wizard is initiated, it copies data files to the system and installs any required components. Depending on your environment, the installation of .NET 4.0 (or higher) or MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) might be required and will be performed automatically if necessary.


In the case MAPI CDO is installed in the process of CodeTwo software installation, prior to configuring it:

  • on Windows 10 machine you must restart a computer,
  • on other systems you must restart the Administration Panel of CodeTwo Exchange Sync.

This is because Windows does not register properly environmental paths for Microsoft's MAPI CDO immediately after its installation. It is not possible to enforce such action in CodeTwo Exchange Sync.

After the installation is completed CodeTwo Exchange Sync Administration Panel opens along the Exchange Server connection wizard. Within the wizard you will be able to define the type of connection to your Exchange Server and the user's account the program will work under (Fig. 1.).

ES - Fresh installation.
Fig. 2. Administration Panel along the first screen of the Exchange Server connection wizard.


In the case of Microsoft Small Business Server 2011, CodeTwo Exchange Sync must be installed directly on the mailbox database machine.

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