Creating synchronization tasks

CodeTwo Exchange Sync enables real-time synchronization of Exchange folders between different clients within an organization.

Note that once you select more than one source or target folder, they will be added to the list of folders scheduled for synchronization in the order they were actually chosen (Fig. 1.). However, you can easily sort them alphabetically by clicking the particular column's header (standard mechanism found in Windows Explorer) (Fig. 2.).

Exchange Sync - Folders not sorted on the list.
Fig. 1. Folders added but not sorted on the list.
Exchange Sync - Folders sorted on the list.
Fig. 2. Sorting the added folders alphabetically.

Furthermore, in order to synchronize items in the chosen folders, you need to define the synchronization tasks in Administration Panel. The program offers two types of synchronization:

  • One-way - folders are synchronized in one direction: from the source mailbox(es) to the target mailbox(es)
  • Two-way - folders are synchronized in a ring in both directions: from the source mailbox to the target mailbox and the other way around

Note that while choosing the folders for synchronization (in both types of synchronization tasks) you will be able to define the domain or sub-domain the mailboxes containing the folders reside. By default, the program will point to the domain / sub-domain the machine equipped with CodeTwo Exchange Sync belongs to. In this way only mailboxes from that domain / sub-domain will be listed. However, if you want to schedule folders for synchronization from a different domain / sub-domain, you can use the picker to browse through the list of all available domains / sub-domains and choose one to limit the folders choice to the chosen site within your environment (Fig. 3.).

ES - Browsing for sub-domain.
Fig. 3. Choosing a domain / sub-domain while scheduling folders for synchronization. 

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