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Fully-composed or simple email signature

Some users may not want to get large email signatures with many graphic elements each time they receive an email from you. It can sometimes be hard to find the message content amidst all these signatures in a long email conversation. This is why it would be a great idea to use simplified email signatures in forwards, replies or any other subsequent emails. And CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro will do just that for you.

The program uses a highly efficient algorithm that recognizes if the sent email is the first one in a given conversation or a subsequent one. And that’s not all – CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro will also recognize if a similar signature, for example, sent by your colleague, has already appeared in this conversation. Use this opportunity to include an eye-catching, fully composed email signature only to the first email, and a short one, consisting of only the essential information, to all subsequent messages.

With CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro you can:

  • Create and use different signatures for new emails, forwards, replies, and out of office messages
  • Stamp internal and external messages with different signatures
  • Personalize signatures for both senders and recipients
  • Insert the full signature only if it has not been found in an email conversation
  • Make use of various Active Directory fields and values to create advanced signature processing rules
  • And more.
ER Pro - Full or simple email - main image

Additionally, the Apply full composition action allows you to make use of additional email layout elements in the signature template editor, i.e. header and side banners. You can use this extra space to place marketing banners and logos, or simply to create an advanced email signature design.



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