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How to add email signatures with Office 365 users’ photos to Exchange Online mail

You probably already know that you can upload users’ photos to Office 365 using PowerShell or our freeware CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365.

But did you know, that you can also automatically insert Office 365 users' photos into email signatures in your organization?

This short video guide will take you through all the steps required to deploy email signatures with Office 365 users' photos.

How to add users' photos to email signatures

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

All you need is CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.

The cloud-based application lets you design email signature templates containing dynamic fields, which are updated with sender's Office 365 data and photos when a signature is added to a message.

To test CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 and its capability of adding Office 365 users' photos to outbound emails, follow the instructions below.



Start your 14-day free trial of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.

In the application's Admin Console, click the Add a new email signature rule button in the upper-left corner.

Adding a new email signatures rule in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

In the Overview tab, type in a name of the rule and configure conditions as per your needs in the Senders and Email Direction tabs (only emails that match these conditions will be processed by the rule).

Configuring rule conditions in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

In the Design tab, click Load… to load an existing signature template from the program’s library, or click Edit… to start editing your template from scratch.

Now, the most important part.

In the Insert section of the Editor’s ribbon you will notice the Placeholder button. This button lets you, among other things, add dynamic fields which will be populated with senders’ Azure AD data upon adding the signature to an email.

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 - Using the placeholder button to add dynamic fields

To add the dynamic field that pulls the Office 365 user's photo into the signature, place the cursor wherever you would like the photo to be inserted, click the Placeholder button, Message Sender and choose Photo.

Inserting a dynamic field that will pull user photos into email signatures in Office 365

The resulting window lets you define the dimensions of the photo box in the signature template (you can edit them at any time by right-clicking the {Photo 1} placeholder and selecting Placeholder properties…).

After you click OK, a {Photo 1} placeholder should appear in your signature template.

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 - A template for a footer with sender's photo

When you feel that the email signature is ready to go live, click Save (upper-left corner of application window), close the Editor and save changes in the application.

The next time one of your users sends an email that matches the conditions defined in this rule, a personalized email signature containing their information and Office 365 user's photo will be placed underneath it.


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