How to sync Outlook between two computers

As the world’s favorite mail client, Microsoft Outlook is used in many scenarios, equally by students, small business sector and large companies all over the globe. It is perfect for organizing your mail, keeping track of calendar entries and works fine as a contact manager too. In larger organizations Outlook is often a part of a larger collaboration system. The Exchange Server – Outlook partnership enables co-workers to share Outlook folders between them and that makes them work faster and more efficiently. But what if I have to share Outlook only between two machines, e.g. a desktop and a laptop? Do I have to invest money in expensive server-based platforms in order to synchronize only two PCs? Obviously not.

Internet is full of various third party solutions designed for Outlook synchronization. If we take a closer look at them, most of these applications are outdated and do not support the latest editions of Outlook. The other ones are simply too complicated for a person who is not an IT specialist. Luckily a brand new solution has been developed by CodeTwo recently. It is called CodeTwo Outlook Sync, it’s for free, works with all the latest versions of Outlook and even a child would know how to use it.  What is more, there’s no doubt CodeTwo Outlook Sync is a high-quality software, since it was developed by a company that holds several Microsoft certificates and is well experienced in creating reliable Outlook add-ins.

Sync Outlook Between Two Computers

Let’s get down to details now…

CodeTwo Outlook Sync is a free application which enables you to share default Outlook contacts and calendar folders between two computers in local network. If you need to sync more items from your Outlook folder tree (including non-standard subfolders), you can buy the license version of the program. It costs only $59.

See the video below, to find out how the program works:

With CodeTwo Outlook Sync you can:

  • Easily share Outlook between two machines in a local network, for instance your desktop PC and a laptop you use outside your office.
  • Share Outlook with your boss or secretary in real time to improve your work efficiency.
  • Share Outlook with your workmate or family member to avoid confusions while planning your free time and holidays.
  • Use the program to backup Outlook to another computer.
  • Share Outlook folders between two computers in real time in a one-to-one scenario, e.g. Inbox to Inbox, Contacts to Contacts etc.
  • …and many more.

CodeTwo Outlook Sync is a very straightforward and user-friendly application. You don’t have to be an IT expert to implement it in your office. The installation and configuration takes only a few minutes and a wizard guides you through all the required steps after the first launch. After you configure the connection between two PC’s, you can choose which folders you wish to synchronize and whether you want to do it automatically or on demand. Every option is easily accessible from the clear user interface which contains no redundant options – only the most needed ones.

CodeTwo Outlook Sync works in local network of two PCs. It means that when you take one of your machines with you to work in the field, your Outlook folders won’t be synchronized with the other PC in real time.  However, when you come back to the office and the connection between the synchronized computers will be retrieved, all data will be updated on the second machine, accordingly to the program settings you have previously chosen. This solution is much safer than sharing your data over the Internet and gives you the guarantee that none of your business information will be hacked or revealed to third parties.

If you want to share your Outlook folders with another PC and want to do it as easily and as quickly as possible, CodeTwo Outlook Sync will be your best choice. Download it now, it’s free!

Download CodeTwo Outlook Sync

Need to sync Outlook between more than 2 computers? Check out CodeTwo Public Folders.

34 thoughts on “How to sync Outlook between two computers

  1. i just want to syn my outlook email folders not my calendar or contacts. Can your program do this. i don’t mind paying for the program if works.

  2. Hi.
    I have installed CodeTwo on both PC’s on adjacent desks.
    One has Outlook configured, the other does not.
    The one with Outlook configured recognizes the second PC on the network in the setup wizard, however the second PC cannot see the main PC.

    Do I need to configure Outlook on the second PC with the same email account and settings as the primary PC before this will work?

  3. Hi,
    i have code two setup between laptop and PC. the connection works fine and sync process all fine…

    the problem is that all emails that have already been downloaded, sorted into folders or deleted.

    when the other computer is then opened at some point later, i am getting all the emails are downloaded since it was last opened, irrespective of what was done on the laptop.

    when the laptop is then opened and Code2 run, it is receiving duplicates of all emails already dealt with in the laptop, hence creating a big job to delete them again and making the whole sync process a waste of time

    why are the duplicates being created?
    i have tried everything i can think of to sync without success in avoiding the double ups so far

    any help appreciated since i have spent the $120 on the download


  4. Our small business has been using the free version of CodeTwo Outlook Sync for several months and have been very happy with it. The only problem is it is no longer syncing the two computers. I’ve scoured the internet and your site to determine the cause but have not found a thing about it. Is the only way to remedy this problem to pay for the support and/or the program?

    Thank you for the help.

  5. Hi John, Thanks for reaching out. It seems that it would be better for you to check out CodeTwo Public Folders instead ( Outook Sync will only let you synchronize two PCs and only via local connection. Public Folders is designed for syncing Outlook on multiple PCs and works over the Internet.

  6. Hi,

    I need to sync the entire Outlook setup on the supervisor’s two computers, including ‘Sent Mail’ if possible.

    Can the syncing occur remotely over the internet, or do both computers need to be on a local subnet?

    In addition, we also need to sync the supervisor’s two computers calendar with the secretary’s Outlook calendar.

    Would that be a problem with CodeTwo Outlook Sync?

    Thanks in advance for your reply,

  7. Hi Reza!

    Yes, you can use the program in mixed environment with different Outlook versions.
    CodeTwo Outlook Sync supports Microsoft Outlook 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

  8. Hi, Wondering if CodeTwo can sync between different versions of Outlook? for Example, one PC has Outlook 2010 and the other has Outlook 2013.

  9. Hi,
    I want to uninstall all the data from Codetwo Public Folders to reinstall it all again. I was playing around with the software and making some tests. I uninstalled and reinstalled it already but I get messages that there are still some data. How can I reset everything to start again?

  10. Hi! I’m trying to setup a one-way sync of multiple office user’s calendar into one shared calendar on the same Exchange server. This Outlook Sync seems to only have two-way sync, and only one to one computer? The Exchange Sync tool seems to do what I need, however, is it something that needs to be installed on the Exchange server by an Exchange administrator? We are using Exchange, but I do not have access on the server level. Is there a similar tool or a workaround for the desktop level? Thanks!

  11. Just had to say, THANKYOU! This was SO easy to use, what a JOY it was to watch my emails from my old pc pop over into Outlook on my new PC. I generally get a new computer every 2nd year, and could never be bothered saving the emails though I would have liked to. This was SO SO VERY SIMPLE, install on each computer, click, and watch them go. You guys kick butt!

  12. Hi Nancy,

    Could you please open a support case using the form on our website?
    We’ll do our best to solve the issue with the duplicates.

    Regarding synchronization of the categories, we offer a free tool called CodeTwo CatMan that can do the trick. Here you can find more information:

    The views cannot be synced in the current version of Outlook Sync, I’m afraid.

  13. I have problem whereOutlook sync is duplicating entries in my calendar. I start with one entry in one calendar and then have two, then 4 and so ons. Otherwise I like your program.

    I would also like to see the views(and categories) transferred as part of the sync

  14. I am thinking of using Outlook sync but would like to know if the notes subfolder will also be synced? Thank you.

    • Hi Lina

      Yes, the notes are also synced, but only in the full version of the program. After activating the license you will be able to synchronize every element of your Outlook folder tree.

  15. @Clive Borrill
    Yes – both machines can be set to use the same email account. However the same account on two machines works already as a kind of sync – if you do not remove messages from the server after downloading them. In that case Outlook Sync set for Inbox folder might generate duplicates. To avoid that it is best to sync only sent items folder – the Inbox will be in sync automatically because of the email account. If this does not answer the question – please contact us on [email protected]

  16. Hi, If I use this to sync two computers, can they both sent email using the same email address and will the sent items folder be the same? Would you set up the same pop3 mail accounts on both PC’s ?

  17. @marc
    please open a support ticket starting on the following page:
    We will reply asap

  18. hello,

    I have a problem: when i try to connect my computer with the second i have the error message : “failed to create backup folder”. Have you a solution for this problem? Thank you

  19. @ted

    Sorry Ted (as for now) it isn’t able to sync BCM. We’ll take it into consideration while developing the application ;)

  20. Hi Kathy

    Of course you can, just follow these instructions:

  21. Thanks for this tip! I initially wanted to sync just my wife’s laptop with our home PC but ended up installing it in my company on 8 machines. I cannot believe it can be that simple!!!

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