Sync Outlook between
2 computers

CodeTwo Outlook Sync enables you to sync Outlook calendars, contacts, tasks, email, documents and any other Microsoft Outlook items between two computers in your local network.

The application is very easy to use and the entire installation and configuration process shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes.

CodeTwo Outlook Sync

Sync Outlook between two computers

With CodeTwo Outlook Sync, you can sync all Outlook data between two computers in a local network with just a few clicks. Owing to this, your home desktop and business laptop can always stay up-to-date, so nothing ever escapes your notice. Every email, calendar entry, task or a document are always present on both of your machines.

Sync Outlook calendar and contacts between you and your secretary / assistant

CodeTwo Outlook Sync allows your secretary to view and edit your calendars and share Outlook contacts (as well as other Outlook folders) with you. Can you imagine how greatly it facilitates your cooperation?

Assign Outlook tasks to your partner and keep track of them

The application lets you assign tasks to your co-worker or business partner and keep track of them in Outlook. Just select or create a tasks folder and sync it with your partner's machine.

Let your wife know what you've been up to recently

It's not only about business - it's also about life. If you sync your PC with your wife's machine, she will be much happier.

Extremely easy to use / simple installation

The installation of the program should not take longer than a New York minute. The application is very straightforward so you don't waste any time learning new software.

30-day trial version

Download the fully functional 30-day trial and test the program live. If the application fits into your needs, you can get the license for the full version here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the list of Frequently Asked Questions for CodeTwo Outlook Sync. If you don't find answers to our questions there, check User's Manual and our Knowledge Base.

  1. How to install and configure the program?

    CodeTwo Outlook Sync needs to be installed individually on two machines that you want to synchronize with each other. The installation and configuration are very quick in easy. Download the installer from CodeTwo's website, run it and follow the wizard. Learn more about installing and configuring CodeTwo Outlook Sync.

  2. How many computers can I synchronize?

    CodeTwo Outlook Sync lets you synchronize Microsoft Outlook between two computers via local network. If you need to synchronize more than two machines, take look at CodeTwo Public Folders.

  3. Is there a trial of the full version available?

    Yes, it is possible to download the trial version that is available for free (no credit card details asked). The trial is fully functional for 30 days. After this time you need to purchase the full version to continue using the program. Click here to purchase CodeTwo Outlook Sync.

  4. What is the difference between trial and licensed versions?

    The trial version remains fully functional for 30-days. If you don’t activate it with a license key by the time the trial period ends, the program will stop syncing any Outlook items. The license for two computers for CodeTwo Outlook Sync can be purchased here. More about the licensing terms.

  5. How many licenses do I need to buy?

    To synchronize two computers, you need to buy one license only. You will get two license keys - each for individual machine.

  6. Which Windows versions are supported?

    CodeTwo Outlook Sync supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

  7. Can I synchronize different versions of Outlook?

    Using CodeTwo Outlook Sync, you can synchronize different versions of Outlook even in a mixed environment. The program supports Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.

  8. Do I need to be connected to Internet to synchronize data?

    You do not have to be connected to Internet to sync Outlook data between two machines using CodeTwo Outlook Sync. The program works in a local network.

  9. Is it possible to sync data in real time?

    You need to switch Autosync on to sync data in real time. This option is available only in the full version of the program. Learn more about Autosync in CodeTwo Outlook Sync.

  10. How do I use Autosync?

    CodeTwo Outlook Sync has an Autosync option which lets you synchronize data automatically in the background. By default, Autosync is switched off, to let you fully control the flow of data between your two PCs.

    Once Autosync is on, whenever you make any change in the Outlook folder that is supposed to be synchronized with its mirror folder on the second machine, the synchronization process takes place immediately.

    If Autosync is off, whenever you make any change in the Outlook folder that is supposed to be synchronized with its mirror folder on the second machine, the synchronization will not take place until you click the Sync button in the program's administration window.

    To toggle Autosync on or off, click Advanced in the program's top menu and check/uncheck Autosync in the resulting dialog box. Please note! Autosync is only available in the full version of CodeTwo Outlook Sync.

    Autosync is available only in the full version of the program. Learn more about Autosync in CodeTwo Outlook Sync.

  11. Does the program synchronize folders after I close it?

    When you close CodeTwo Outlook Sync, it is only minimized to your system tray and it still runs in the background. If you have Autosync switched on, the program will synchronize your data when needed.

    By going to Advanced options, you can uncheck the Always minimize to tray when closing the program window option and the program will be always closed when you click the X button in the top right corner of the program window. Learn more about settings in CodeTwo Outlook Sync.

  12. Does the program synchronize my data when I'm offline?

    No it doesn't. But all changes made in your Outlook folders can be synchronized with the other machine when the other user or you reconnect to your local network.

  13. How can I synchronize subfolders?

    To synchronize subfolders, click Sync Options in the top program's menu and in the resulting window select subfolders you want to be synchronized. Learn more about synchronizing Outlook subfolders with CodeTwo Outlook Sync.

  14. How to avoid duplication of items during the initial sync?

    Please read the following KB article to learn how to avoid duplication of items during the initial sync.

  15. Why can't I change the synchronization type once the program has been configured?

    You can only select the synchronization type before the first sync; you can keep data from both PCs, from other PC, or from your PC only. After the first synchronization has been completed, all selected folders will be equal. In other words, all selected folders will contain the same items. Whenever you change anything in one of the folders, all changes will be reflected in the mirror folder on another machine as well. Learn more about choosing synchronization types in CodeTwo Outlook Sync.

  16. How to activate my program?

    To activate CodeTwo Outlook Sync and unlock the 30-day time trial with full functionality, click Start, All Programs, CodeTwo, CodeTwo Outlook Sync, Licensing. Enter your license key in the resulting window and click Activate. The activation must be performed on both machines and must be followed by a program restart. Learn more about activating CodeTwo Outlook Sync

  17. How to uninstall the program?

    To uninstall CodeTwo Outlook Sync, go to Windows Control Panel, Programs and Features, right-click CodeTwo Outlook Sync, select Uninstall and complete the uninstaller wizard. Learn more about uninstalling and/or completely removing CodeTwo Outlook Sync.

  18. What is the return policy?

    You can return the product within 30 days of purchase and delivery - no questions asked. Learn more about the CodeTwo return policy and 30-day money back guarantee.



Click here if you need to sync more than two computers.

One time payment - 120.00$

License for 2 computers

The license enables the synchronization of Outlook calendars, contacts, tasks, emails, all subfolders and documents between two computers.

We do not offer technical support for this product.

Download 30-day trial Buy

Please note! By downloading a free version, you get a 30-day, fully functional trial of CodeTwo Outlook Sync. You need to activate the program before the 30-day trial period ends, otherwise it will stop synchronizing Outlook folders and items between your computers. If you want to buy a full version, place an order on our website. There is no need to download the program again, just follow these steps to activate a trial/demo version to a full version.

If you need any help with CodeTwo Outlook Sync, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, User's Manual or our Knowledge Base.

To be able to share Outlook calendar and other Outlook folders with multiple users in local network or over the Internet, check CodeTwo Public Folders.

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