CodeTwo Outlook Sync is a smart tool for syncing Outlook between two machines. By using it, you can easily synchronize two PST files or selected Outlook folders between two machines within seconds. The program is extremely easy to install, and setup and requires no additional configuration in Outlook.


The installation is quick and easy. Download the installer, run it on Computer A and follow the wizard. Once the wizard asks you to install the program on another machine, repeat the same procedure on Computer B. The wizard on computer B will let you configure a synchronization group with Computer A and select which Outlook folders you want to share between them. After having completed this process, you are ready to hit the sync button in the main program's window and start syncing your data.

Examples of practical application 

CodeTwo Outlook Sync has one important feature - it lets you sync Outlook between two PCs, which gives a number of possibilities in home or business environment. You can use the program to: 

  • sync Outlook between your two computers, e.g. work laptop and home desktop;
  • share your Outlook items (like calendars, contacts and tasks) with your partner, assistant or family member;
  • back up your Outlook data to another machine.

Sharing Outlook folders 

The program allows you to synchronize default and non-default Microsoft Outlook folders, including all the subfolders, with a second machine. Furthermore, you can switch between Simple and Advanced views to select your folders precisely.

Learn more about the selection of folders 


The application is equipped with an Autosync option which enables automatic real-time synchronization of the selected folders giving you a better control of files synchronization between your two machines. 

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