Quick guide to creating a synchronization group

After the installation of CodeTwo Outlook Sync is completed on both machines which Outlook data you want to synchronize, click Yes on the first screen of the Configuration wizard on either of the machines (Fig. 1.). It will trigger the window that lets you choose the remote machine involved in the synchronization process.


If you do not have CodeTwo Outlook Sync program opened, you can run it from Start Menu by opening the CodeTwo folder and choosing Outlook Sync. Please also check if there is an Outlook Sync icon in your tray (the bottom right corner of your screen) - if so, simply click it to restore the program.

OS - Wizard
Fig. 1. Welcome to Outlook Sync Configuration Wizard.

In the window that displays, choose a remote machine to connect to (Fig. 2.). You can either choose one of the listed machines in your local network or enter its IP address in the field provided. 

OS - Select remote machine.
Fig. 2. Choosing a remote machine in CodeTwo Outlook Sync.

Find out how to resolve connectivity problems if the second machine is not visible in the program.

Once you select the desired machine, you can test the connection using the Connection Test button on the right-hand side (Fig. 3.). If the connection is successful, click Next.

OS - Test connection.
Fig. 3. Testing the connection to a remote machine.

In the next step of the wizard, choose which Outlook folders will be synchronized between your two machines (Fig. 4.). Select folders and click Next.

OS - Select folders to sync.
Fig. 4. Choosing folders to be synchronized in CodeTwo Outlook Sync.

In the following step, choose the type of synchronization. You can perform an initial synchronization in one of three ways (Fig. 5.) to keep data from:

  • both PCs
  • from your PC only
  • from other PC

Select the data synchronization type and click Next.

OS - Choose synchronization type.
Fig. 5. Choosing data synchronization type.

Once you have successfully configured the synchronization group, you are ready to synchronize Computer A with Computer B. Click Finish to close the wizard (Fig. 6.).

OS - Sync group created.
Fig. 6. The synchronization group has been created successfully.

Please note that by default, the program will not synchronize your data unless you click the Sync button in the Administration Panel. However, if you want to enable the Autosync option straight after the initial configuration, click Turn on on the last window of the wizard before finishing configuration. This will trigger the synchronization after the Administration Panel opens.

Once you have finished the configuration, the program's Administration Panel will open. By default, the automatic synchronization is switched off, so your machines will not synchronize straight after the configuration. To trigger the synchronization process, click Sync in the top left corner of the Administration Panel (Fig. 7.).

OS - Manually run synchronization.
Fig. 7. Manually starting the synchronization process.

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