Installation process

CodeTwo Outlook Sync can be installed on any machine regardless of its version. The installation process needs to be performed by a local administrator.

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Note that as the program is designed to synchronize Outlook data between two machines, you need to run the program's installer separately on both machines before you can move on with the configuration of synchronization.

After the installation wizard starts (Fig. 1.), you need accept the License Agreement (Fig. 2).

OS - 1st step of installation wizard.
Fig. 1. Installation wizard started.
OS - Accept license agreement.
Fig. 2. Accepting the License Agreement.

Next, you will be asked to specify the location where the program will be installed. The default location will display and can be left unchanged unless it is necessary to choose differently (Fig. 3.).

OS - Choosing installation location.
Fig. 3. Choosing the location of the program's installation.

In the next step click Install. After the installation is completed, the program's Configuration Wizard starts automatically (Fig. 4.).

OS - Configuration wizard.
Fig. 4. Configuration setup.

Now, run the installer on the second machine following the procedure described above. Once the second installation is completed, you can move on to connect the machines and configure the initial synchronization.

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