Unleash the power of new conditional placeholders in CodeTwo Email Signatures 365

We’re introducing new conditional placeholders in CodeTwo Email Signatures 365. Conditional placeholders now allow you to create a single email signature with dynamic parts that adapt to sender’s specific details such as job title or department, streamlining the signature creation process and reducing the number of signature rules needed in your organization.

Unleash the power of new conditional placeholders in CodeTwo Email Signatures 365

Understanding conditional placeholders

Conditional placeholders are a powerful feature that allows you to switch or add content – text, images, or HTML code – to email signatures and automatic replies based on predefined conditions (rules). This allows you to create ‘modular’ signatures with parts that automatically change into specific content based on email sender’s contact details, group membership, etc.

With conditional placeholders, you can:

  • Personalize signatures by adding unique elements that show only for specific users or groups.
  • Insert general information (like a default company phone number) automatically when some user attributes (like their mobile number) are missing.
  • Adjust office addresses in signatures based on the sender’s location or department – and that’s just the beginning!

Learn more about setting up conditional placeholders

Conditional placeholders manager

The new conditional placeholders – what’s changed?

Based on our customers’ feedback, the CodeTwo Dev team has completely revamped the functionality of conditional placeholders, making it simpler and more intuitive to use them in your signature and auto-reply templates. Here’s what’s new:

  • Unified changes: update a conditional placeholder in one template, and the change will apply to all templates that include this placeholder.
  • Expanded rule conditions: employ negative operators to refine the rules further, effectively doubling your customization options.

Moreover, these placeholders now support creating modular signatures that maintain consistent elements like job title and contact details across your organization, while dynamically altering other parts based on specified conditions. Here’s an example:

Modular signature

Learn how to create a modular signature

Already using conditional placeholders? Read this

For those who have used conditional placeholders previously, these are now considered legacy. They’ll still function as usual in your templates but will not receive new updates. For future-proofing, we encourage recreating them as new conditional placeholders, as described here. Just note that you can’t have two conditional placeholders (either new or legacy) with the same name, so be sure to use a different name for the new placeholders.

If you decide to stick with the legacy conditional placeholders for now, here’s what you need to know:

  • To edit a legacy placeholder that’s already added to a template, right-click it, select Edit placeholder and make your changes (modify placeholder rules, values, etc.). Note that these changes will apply to the current template only. If this legacy conditional placeholder is used in other templates as well, you need to modify all instances of the placeholder the same way.
  • To access all your existing legacy conditional placeholders, go to Conditional placeholders > Legacy placeholders in the editor, as shown below. Click Manage (legacy placeholders) to open the Legacy conditional placeholders manager, where you can edit your legacy placeholders or create new ones. Note that changes made in the manager are not applied to legacy placeholders that are already inserted into your template(s) – you need to replace the modified legacy placeholder in each template. 
Accessing legacy conditional placeholders

If want the changes made to conditional placeholders to automatically apply across all placeholders in all your templates, start using the new conditional placeholders instead.

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