Signatures in multi-server environment


You are using CodeTwo Exchange Rules family software in mulit-server environment and sometimes your emails are stamped twice or more with the same signature.


This problem occurs when an email is routed through two or more MS Exchange Servers. The newer releases of CodeTwo Exchange Rules family products offer a feature which helps managing signatures added by CodeTwo software in multi-server environment.

The feature described in this article is available starting the below listed versions of CodeTwo programs:

  • CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO version 1.4.5
  • CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 version 1.2.0
  • CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 version 2.2.0
  • CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 version 3.2.0

if you still use older releases, please refer to this knowledge base article that explains how to work around this type of problems in them.

In the above listed releases the software of ours uses registry entries to store this feature's settings. They can be edited using our Advanced Settings Editor. See below on how to use it. Please be aware, that CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.0.10 and newer have this feature enabled by default. If you wish to modify it click here or scroll down to the bottom of this article to see how to do this as CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.x stores this feature's settings in its own configuration file instead of Windows Registry.

The module that is responsible for the setting is called ER.Shared.AdvancedSettingsEditor.exe, and can be found in the program's installation directory.

Fig. 1. Location of ER.Shared.AdvancedSettingsEditor.exe

Upon running the module, a new window pops up, where we can add the new features. Clicking the Add button, we can select from a variety of options, but for this article let's concentrate on the two only:


Fig. 2. Module's options.

If an email travels more than once through the same server, from the drop-down select IgnoreAlreadyProcessedMessages, enter 0 in the Value field, then close clicking OK. As a result, even if the same message travels multiple times through the same server, a signature will be inserted only once.

Fig. 3. Settings for emails traveling through the same server.

In a situation where an email travels through multiple servers and CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO may stamp the email with multiple signatures, select IgnoreMessagesFromServers option, and in Value field enter the name of the server the email comes from. We recommend using the Enumerate button. The program will discover all your servers and fill up the Value field with your servers names.

Fig. 4. Settings for emails traveling through multiple servers.

It is necessary to restart Microsoft Transport service on all servers affected.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.x does not store the above settings in Windows Registry anymore. Instead, software's own configuration file is used. By default, the path to this file is:

C:\Program Files\CodeTwo\CodeTwo Exchange Rules\CodeTwo.ER.Agent.dll.config

However, it may be different if you chose custom installation location. In this file, a value of the IgnoreAlreadyProcessedMessagesInOrganization setting is responsible for the feature. Starting version 2.0.10 it is set to True by default, that means it is enabled. If you have version 2.0.x where x < 10 change False to True to enable it manually. This change must be applied manually to the above mentioned config file on all servers hosting CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.x Engine. Upon applying the change the MS Exchange Transport service as well as CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO Engine service must be restarted.

As the config file is an XML configuration file the required setting will be visible in a code block as presented below.

<setting name="IgnoreAlreadyProcessedMessagesInOrganization"

Change <value>False</value> to <value>True</value> to enable the feature or the other way around to disable it.

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