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How to add email signatures directly under latest messages


You are using CodeTwo email signature management tools and you would like your signatures to be added right below each sent message (including replies and forwards) instead of at the bottom of an email conversation.


By default, email signatures are always added directly beneath the body of each sent message. This means that if you create a new email signature rule in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 or use the Insert signature action in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro or CodeTwo Exchange Rules family of products, then your signature will be added directly under each reply or forward message. You can change this behavior and add signatures at the very bottom of an email thread (such placement is typical for some legal disclaimers). Use the links to learn more.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules software family

There is an easy way to change your signature template position from the signature layout (directly under the latest message) into the disclaimer layout (at the very bottom of the email thread), and vice versa. You can do it directly in the signature Editor featured in the programs from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family, by clicking the Change (Change signature into disclaimer button) button in the middle of the editing pane (Fig. 1.) – you will see that the position of the signature section goes up or down, and the section name changes from Signature to Disclaimer (or the other way around).

Fig. 1. Changing the template layout between Signature and Disclaimer.

You can also change the position of a signature in an email thread in the Signature/disclaimer options window that is accessed by clicking the Settings (Editor - custom settings button) button in the editing pane (see Fig. 2. below). Select the:

  • right under the original reply/forward option to change the template layout to Signature; or
  • at the very bottom of the email conversation option to change the template layout to Disclaimer

and click OK. This functionality works in the same way as the Change (Change signature into disclaimer button) button.

Fig. 2. Accessing the Signature/disclaimer options window in CodeTwo Editor
(the CodeTwo Exchange Rules software family).

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 server-side mode

If the CodeTwo software works in server-side or combo mode, you can change the position of your server-side signatures in an email conversation. To do so, open the Manage Signatures App and select your server-side signature rule. Go to the Design tab and click Edit signature to edit your signature template. In the signature template editor, go to the Email layout tab. Use the buttons on the ribbon (Fig. 3.) to change the position of your signature. To learn more, see the user's manual.

Changing signature position in the signature template editor
Fig. 3. These buttons allow you to change the signature's position in an email thread.

You can also access these settings via the settings button (as shown in Fig. 2.), but this button is only available if you select the Custom setup mode on the Design tab of the Manage Signatures App (Fig. 4.) before editing your signature template (learn more).

Fig. 4. Selecting the Custom setup management option for email signatures
in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 client-side mode

The options mentioned above are not available for client-side signature rules in the Manage Signatures App. Client-side rules do not support headers or side banners, so the Email layout tab is not visible in the Signature template editor.

Client-side signatures are added directly in Outlook. They can be added automatically at the bottom of an email conversation or the Outlook user can manually insert a signature wherever they like in a conversation while composing an email. Therefore, the Design tab in the Manage Signatures App and the signature template editor do not have the signature position settings for client-side signature rules.

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