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How to set the RemoteDomain parameters to force email format in Exchange


Emails that were sent in the HTML format are received as Plain Text or RTF messages. You experience this format conversion also in the case of HTML signatures composed in CodeTwo Exchange Rules, CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro or CodeTwo Email Signatures 365.


There may be multiple reasons why emails are delivered in a different format than the one they were sent in. For example, third-party MS Exchange Transport agents or email-scanning antivirus software may be set to change the email format, etc.

Default content type settings in Microsoft Exchange Server might also influence email conversion by third-party software. Follow the steps below to learn how to set default email format in Exchange.

  1. Open the ems Exchange Management Shell (EMS).
  2. Execute the cmdlet below to check your current RemoteDomain settings and check the value of the ContentType property:

    Get-RemoteDomain | fl

    Fig. 1. The ContentType property in RemoteDomain settings.

    The ContentType should be set either to MimeHtml (to enforce the HTML format conversion, if possible) or to MimeHtmlText (to allow email clients to change the format). If the ContentType property is set to MimeText, this most likely causes the unwanted email format conversion by third-party software.

  3. Make sure to check the ContentType property settings for all domains. Use the Get-RemoteDomain cmdlet to check if there are other domains that need to be set up.

  4. For domains that have the default content type set to MimeText, you need to change the ContentType property via the cmdlet below:

    Set-RemoteDomain -Identity <name> -ContentType <type>

replace <name> with an appropriate Identity property name, and <type> with a desired ContentType value. We recommend that you set MimeHtml as the <type> so that emails remain in the HTML format and are not converted to Plain Text.


The ContentType settings are Exchange Server instructions (recommendations) for third-party software; they do not cause automatic format conversion. So if you set the content type property to MimeHtml, this does not mean that Plain Text emails will be converted to HTML. But this setting might prevent third-party applications from converting HTML emails to Plain Text.

If you want to force email format conversion from Plain Text to HTML, CodeTwo software can do that for you. See guidelines for:

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