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The following overview of CodeTwo products presents software for the automatic management of email signatures and disclaimers for Microsoft Exchange Server on-premises and Office 365 cloud-based platforms. All the programs may share similar functionalities. However, their individual and specific software architecture is designed to operate on different client vs. server relations. CodeTwo programs complement native Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 hub transport services and provide completely new perspectives on managing inbound and outbound mail flow communications.

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Email signatures and disclaimers management

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  CodeTwo email signature solutions  
Product Exchange Rules Pro Exchange Rules Email Signatures
for Office 365
Exchange hub transport/mail flow rules
Platform Exchange
on-prem or hybrid with Office 365 with centralized mailflow
on-prem or hybrid with Office 365 with centralized mailflow
Office 365 (Exchange Online) Exchange on-prem and Office 365 (Exchange Online)
Supported email clients All (including mobile devices) All (including mobile devices) All (including mobile devices) All (including mobile devices)
Images and logos in signatures as inline attachments (no need to download images)
Signatures visible in Sent Items
Signatures under replies and forwards
Signature HTML editor
Signatures for internal and/or external correspondence
Signatures as headers or side banners
Signatures visible while composing email
Active directory data in signatures
Active directory placeholders picker
Autoremoval of empty Active Directory fields
Custom Active Directory fields
Forcing email format
Multiple rules per message
Rule scheduler
Access rights to rules Coming soon
Rule setup/design delegation (e.g. to marketing)
Multitenancy support
Additional email processing features *
Additional email processing features
Personalized central auto-reply features n/a
Advanced attachment control n/a
Email filtering and DLP policies n/a
Rewriting sender’s address n/a
Email forwarding and rerouting n/a
Sensitive keywords masking or removing n/a
Extensive sensitive content dictionaries n/a
Message blocking on conditions n/a
Email subjects tagging/modifying n/a
Outlook themes and stationery removing n/a
Recipients adding in CC and BCC fields n/a
24 h technical support
License type One-off + optional annual Support contract subscription One-off + optional annual Support contract subscription Monthly/Annual subscription (Support included) n/a
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* Exchange Server hub transport/mail flow rules also include advanced email processing features. However, the scope of their functionalities is limited and does not cover all mail flow control demands of administrators. CodeTwo advanced email processing solutions have been designed based upon the feature requests of thousands of Office 365 and Exchange administrators from 150 countries.

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