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Comparison between CodeTwo email signature software for Exchange and Exchange mail flow rules

Learn about the differences and similarities between the CodeTwo on-premises email signature management tools and the native mail flow (transport) rules in Exchange. See how CodeTwo software complements the native mechanisms and provides brand new possibilities for inbound and outbound mail flow communication management.

(Using Microsoft 365? See this article to compare our cloud-based email signature tools.)

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ProductCodeTwo Exchange Rules ProCodeTwo Exchange RulesMail flow rules in Exchange Server
PlatformExchange 2019 and 2016, as well as mixed-Exchange environments (the product supports all Exchange Server versions)Exchange 2019 or 2016 (a separate product for each version of Exchange Server)Exchange Server on-premises
Supported email clientsAll (including mobile devices)All (including mobile devices)All (including mobile devices)
Images and logos embedded in signatures as inline attachments (no need to download images)
Signatures visible in Sent Items
Signatures under replies and forwards
Signature template editor (HTML, RTF, plain text)
Customizable signature templates
Different signatures for internal and external correspondence
Signatures as headers or side banners
Active directory data in signatures
Active directory placeholder picker
Autoremoval of empty Active Directory fields
Multi-value Conditional AD placeholders
Custom Active Directory fields
Forcing email format
Restoring images removed by iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)
Multiple rules per message
Rule scheduler
Access rights to rules
Rule setup/design delegation (e.g. to Marketing)
Multitenancy support
Additional email processing features *
Additional email processing features
Personalized central auto-reply features
Advanced attachment control
Recipients blacklists / unsubscribe mechanism management
Email filtering and DLP policies
Rewriting sender’s address
Email forwarding and rerouting
Sensitive keywords masking or removing
Extensive sensitive content dictionaries
Message blocking on conditions
Email subjects tagging/modifying
Outlook themes and stationery removing
Adding of recipients in CC and BCC fields
24h technical support
License typeOne-off + optional annual Support contract subscriptionOne-off + optional annual Support contract subscriptionn/a
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* Exchange Server mail flow (transport) rules also include advanced email processing features. However, the scope of their functionalities is limited and does not cover all mail flow control demands of administrators. CodeTwo advanced email processing solutions have been designed based upon the feature requests of thousands of Office 365 and Exchange administrators from 170+ countries.

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