New: Delegate email signature management rights in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 has gained a new highly demanded feature: ’Manage Signatures App users’. This functionality is now available in all geolocations. Office 365 administrators can now easily delegate email signature management tasks to someone else. Thanks to that, you can make the email signature management workflow much easier. Here are some examples of how you can use it:

  • Delegate all email signature management tasks to the marketing department. They will be in charge of choosing the right email signature banner and designing the signature template. You can also add legal department, so that they can make sure that every outbound email gets the right disclaimer and all the company information it requires.
  • Chose specific people to manage email signatures in your company. As a global admin, you will also have access to the Manage Signatures App. You can ask other users to save new email signature adding rules in turned off mode. As a result, it will allow you to verify if all conditions and exceptions to rules are well-configured.

delegate email signature management rights

The great thing about this feature is that you can assign permissions to the Manage Signatures App without the need to elevate any permissions for Office 365 users. Furthermore, thanks to a friendly user interface and easy to use email signature editor, there is a good chance you will not need to help other users learn how to use the service.

How to delegate email signature management

Assigning access rights to specific users is a quick task:

  1. First of all, log in to the CodeTwo Admin Panel. Then go to the Tenants tab and click the cogwheel next to your tenant’s name to manage the tenant:
    delegate email signature management rights 2
  2. Next, go to the Manage Signatures App users tab and add any user or group:
    delegate email signature management rights 3

Each of those users and group members will be able to access the Manage Signatures App.

To learn more about this new feature and how to use it, click this link.

If you are not familiar with this tool for Office 365, take a look at the short explanation, below.

About CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 is an email signature management solution which allows your company to keep consistent branding in email communication. Thanks to this tool, you can enjoy automatic, professional email signatures and disclaimers regardless of the email client or device used.

Learn more about CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 is the first and only email signature solution that’s fully Microsoft 365 Certified (the whole infrastructure reviewed & pen-tested by Microsoft). It's an Azure-based cloud service that supports all devices and email apps. Our product was co-engineered and awarded by Microsoft, and has the highest user satisfaction ratings. With CodeTwo's ISO/IEC 27001 & 27018 certification and our proprietary 4-layer security system, it's the most secure signature solution on the market. Watch a short product video

CodeTwo offers solutions for organization-wide email signature management, data backup and migration for Microsoft 365 & Exchange Server, developed since 2007 and used by over 120k organizations worldwide, including Facebook, Samsung and UNICEF.

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