Setting an auto reply for a public folder

To set up an automatic response for a public folder, follow these steps:

how to set up a public folder auto reply in Exchange

  1. In Exchange admin center, mail enable the public folder by going to public folders, public folders, highlighting the public folder and clicking Enable in the right pane (a warning prompt is going to pop up – click Yes).
    public folder auto reply 01 mail enable

  1. Double-click the public folder and in delivery options grant yourself Send As permissions.
    autoreply for public folder 02 send as permissions
  2. Open Outlook, navigate to the public folder, right-click it and select Properties.
    public folder auto reply 03 public folder properties
  3. In the public folder’s Properties window, click Folder Assistant…
    autoreply for public folder 04 folder assistant
  4. In the Folder Assistant window click Add Rule…
    public folder auto reply 05 assistant add rule
  5. In the Edit Rule window, in the Sent To… field provide your public folder’s SMTP address or click the Sent To… button and select the public folder (you can also configure additional conditions).
     In the same window, check Reply with and click Template…
    autoreply for public folder 06 template
  6. Fill out the template with details (you can leave the address fields empty – the original sender’s address will be automatically added in the TO field) and click Save & Close.
    autoreply for public folder 07 enter details
  7. Ok, your way back to Outlook’s main window.
  8. Test the setup.
    autoreply for public folder 08 test

Setting up an auto-responder for a public folder using CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

The same setup is slightly more intuitive in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. The program is an advanced email administration tool letting you apply email rules (similar to transport/mail flow rules) according to certain conditions. To set up an autoresponder in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, follow these steps:

  1. In the Administration Console, click Add… and New rule (clean) to create a new rule:
    autoreply for public folder 09 er pro new rule
  2. In the Conditions tab, configure the following condition: Recipientmatches email address – <the public folder’s email address>:
    autoreply for public folder 10 er pro conditionsYou can also define additional conditions depending on your needs (learn more…)
  3. (Optional) In the Exceptions tab define exceptions.
  4. In the Actions tab, click Add…, select the Auto respond action and set it up as per your needs (learn more…):
    autoreply for public folder 11 er pro autorespond
  5. Click Submit changes (upper-left corner).

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2 thoughts on “Setting an auto reply for a public folder

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    A customer of ours wants an autoreplay for a public folder.
    We have configured it as mentioned above, but the autoreplay sends an eMail to every incoming mail, thus we have problems with mail loops.
    Does your software prevent mail loops?
    If so, could you please send us an offer?

    Schumacher VCU GmbH Germany

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