Tools for Exchange Server

Useful tools for Exchange Administrators

CodeTwo is a software company developing applications for Exchange Server, Office 365 and Outlook. Our tools help thousands of server administrators do their job faster and easier. Below you will find a quick overview of our products for MS Exchange. If you are interested in tools for Office 365, please click here.

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Mailbox Migrations

Tools for Exchange - Mailbox Migration

CodeTwo mailbox migration tools let you easily migrate mailboxes from an Exchange Server (or mail from IMAP servers) to another Exchange Server or to Office 365.

You get:

  • Full control over the migration process
  • Ability to schedule activity periods and stop & resume with no duplicates
  • Extremely easy cross-domain and cross-forest migrations

Email Signatures, Attachments, Autoresponders & more

Tools for Exchange - Signatures

Want to set up unified email signatures & disclaimers for all users in your company without configuring anything on their computers or mobile devices?

CodeTwo Exchange Rules fills all gaps in Exchange Server's email signature feature. Our tool lets you:

  • Add signatures directly under the latest reply in email exchanges
  • Add your company logo, photos & other graphics to emails in-line (not as attachments)
  • Insert a detailed signature in your first email, and an abbreviated version in later correspondence
  • Display signatures in senders' Sent Items folders
  • Provide your marketing department with an easy way of remotely adding promotional banners to emails

Or do even more with the Pro version of the program:

  • Add, compress, strip or dump email attachments
  • Set up rich-text autoresponders for groups or single users, and send them as replies to original emails
  • DLP - scan emails for sensitive content and forward incident reports to managers

Compare CodeTwo Exchange Rules with CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

Backup & recovery of MS Exchange and SharePoint

Tools for Exchange - backup

So you’re already doing backups of your Exchange & SharePoint Servers, right? But can you:

  • Ensure 100% security of your data by automatically archiving your backups
  • Run cyclic incremental backups of all mailbox data, items older or younger than a defined number of days, specific folder types etc.
  • Filter backed up items on the basis of keywords, time frames and other item attributes and restore data in bulk or on a one-by-one basis
  • Create multiple points of recovery, ensuring that all versions of your data are there when you need them most.
  • Restore mailbox data to any location (original location, to another mailbox or even to Office 365).

Synchronizing folders on MS Exchange

Tools for Exchange - ExSync

Do your users need to access company contacts or calendars from their mobile devices?

CodeTwo Exchange Sync can help you:

  • Sync iPhone, iPad and Android with Exchange public folders, which will let you access and edit public folders from your mobile devices
  • Create group calendars and other common folders by synchronizing folders on Microsoft Exchange Server
  • And more! See practical examples of use

Bonus – Free tool for Active Directory Photos

CodeTwo Active Directory Photos

Would you like to display users’ photographs in Outlook and Lync letting people see each other's faces while corresponding?

CodeTwo Active Directory Photos will let you upload photographs to Active Directory to display them in internal Outlook messages, Outlook's contacts and Global Address List (GAL).

  • Make bulk photo uploads and changes
  • Use super-intuitive user interface
  • and it’s free!