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Useful tools for Office 365 Administrators

CodeTwo is a software company developing applications for Office 365, Exchange Server and Outlook. Our tools help thousands of server administrators do their job faster and easier. Below you will find a quick overview of our products for Exchange Online. If you are interested in tools for Exchange Server, please click here.

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Mailbox migrations to Office 365

Tools for Exchange - Mailbox Migration

Are you planning to migrate mailboxes to Office 365? CodeTwo Office 365 Migration will help you:

All that, without interrupting users’ work (no downtime)!

Central management of email signatures & disclaimers in Office 365

Software for O365 | Email Signatures

So it’s easy to set up a signature in the users’ email client, right? It’s also possible to add a central email disclaimer to emails in Office 365. But what if you need to set up unified email signatures with required users data, photos and company logo, that work for your entire organization and are properly positioned within mail correspondence? CodeTwo offers software for email signature management that suit your needs perfectly.

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 is an online service that can help you centrally add signatures to emails traveling through your Office 365 tenant, irrespective of the email client or mobile device from which they were sent.

Thanks to this application, you can:

  • Automatically add signatures to emails sent from any device (including mobile devices)
  • Personalize signatures using Azure Active Directory data
  • Insert signatures under the latest reply/forward
  • Easily add logos, images, and banners
  • Compose signature templates within the built-in HTML editor
  • Delegate email signature management to non-IT staff

Backup & restore of Office 365 mailboxes, SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business 

Software for O365 | 365Backup

You may think that once you're on Office 365, you no longer have to worry about backing up users' mailboxes. After all - Office 365 protects all your data with retention policies, right? Well, not quite! As you can read on our blog post, it depends on a particular plan that Office 365 offers.

And what about recovering SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business sites and items? With no reliable solution on-board, this can be a challenge too. So if you want to easily find and restore Office 365 mailboxes, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business data, the best way is to back it up and store it on your local storage.

CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 provides you with:

All that without interrupting users' work (no downtime).

Free tool for central management of “Out of Office” replies 


Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook have no interface for central management of Out of Office replies.

CodeTwo Out of Office Manager will let you set up and manage Out of Office messages for multiple users in your Office 365 or Exchange organization in a breeze, all from one place.

With CodeTwo Out of Office Manager you can:

Bonus – Free tool for Office 365 Photos

CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365

Upload user photos to Office 365 in bulk and manage them from one place

CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365 is a free application that will let you quickly upload multiple users' photos to your Office 365 tenant and easily manage them from one place.