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7 thoughts on “The new cloud-based Message Recall in Microsoft 365: A complete guide

  1. Sry but i dont get it. Like Microsoft you wrote, this is only working within your organization, but later you are writing about what happens if an email will leave your organization…so what?

    I think i saw that emails send to me from external senders (maybe Exchange online users too) got recalled.

    The other question would be, can i block as admin that externals can recall their msgs from my inbox?


    • Hi,

      That’s right, message recall works only within a Microsoft 365 organization. By “leaving organization” I mean “seemingly external emails” which include emails processed by smart hosts, threat scanners or email signature services. Technically, those tools are located outside your organization, but there’s a workaround to keep message recall working within your organization with these tools still in place.

      If you’ve seen an external message disappearing, it wasn’t caused by someone’s message recall, but it could be caused, for example, by Microsoft Defender’s Zero-hour auto purge (ZAP) or manual purge using Microsoft Purview. As mentioned in the article, all you can do as an admin is to disable or enable message recall for users.

      Take care!

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  3. Thank you so much for your helpful article! I was able to recall 62 messages that I sent in Outlook 365 by accident. So very thankful (and less embarrassed)!

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