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Message recall in Outlook & CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365


You would like to know if CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 supports Outlook's message recall/replace capability (Fig.1.).

Fig. 1. The message recall option is available in Outlook's Sent Items.


Yes, with CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 on board, the message recall feature in Outlook works.

Regardless of the CodeTwo software, the message recall functionality in Outlook seems to cause problems for some users and does not always function as they expect. To increase the chance for Outlook's message recall to work correctly, the following conditions need to be met:

  • Both the recipient and the sender need to belong to the same Exchange organization.
  • Both the recipient and the sender need to use Outlook. If the recipient uses Outlook on the web (OWA) or a mobile Outlook client when the message is delivered, then message recall will not work.
  • The message needs to be delivered to the recipient's Inbox. Message recall does not work if the recipient has an Outlook rule that redirects emails to another folder.
  • The message cannot be marked as read before the message recall is done by the sender:
    • If the recipient is reading the message at the moment, then as long as the message subject remains in bold letters (which is typical if you read the email in the same window, without popping it out), Outlook treats it as unread and the recall will work (even though the sender may have already read the message).
    • If the message is already marked as read when you do the recall, the recall fails. Marking the email as unread (Mark as Unread) in Outlook will not make the message recall work.

If you are sure all the above conditions are met but you still experience problems with the message recall functionality in Outlook, please contact our Support Team.

For more information on the functioning and limitations of Outlook's message recall, see this Microsoft article.