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How to move an Office 365 tenant to another CodeTwo Admin Panel account


You would like to register your Office 365 tenant to a different CodeTwo Admin Panel account.


You need to deregister your tenant from the current CodeTwo Admin Panel account and then register it under a new account. To do that, follow the steps below.

If you are a global admin of an Office 365 tenant, this procedure does not require you to have access (i.e. login credentials) to the CodeTwo Admin Panel account under which your tenant is currently registered.

  1. Open the Manage Signatures App.
  2. Provide your Office 365 global administrator's credentials to log in.
  3. Click the Program settings (ESIG for O365 settings button 14px) button in the upper-right corner of the application's window (Fig. 1.).

Fig. 1. Accessing tenant settings from the application.

  1. A manage tenant page will open in a new tab in your web browser. Select Deregister from the left menu (Fig. 2.).

Fig. 2. Manage tenant pages.

  1. Deregister your tenant from the original account, as described in the user's manual.
  2. Create a new CodeTwo Admin Panel account, following these steps.
  3. Log in to your newly created account, register the tenant and create Office 365 connectors, as described here

If you register under the same geolocation as before, you will have all of your created rules and templates back. This is because rules and templates are assigned to an Office 365 tenant and to CodeTwo geolocation, not to the Admin Panel account.

Please note that if you have a paid subscription, you will lose it and need to renew it manually. Email signatures configured for your Office 365 tenant will still be added until the end of your current billing cycle, so it's a good idea to renew the subscription right before the current one ends. For more details, go to this website.

The above steps will cause a temporary downtime in adding signatures to your messages. It is advised that you perform these steps after your working hours.

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