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Do you need to create an email signature, but you have no idea where to start? Against all appearances, designing and creating email signatures is not a simple task. When drafting a signature, you should remember of certain design rules that make it look professional and well-thought-out. When you are finally happy with the results, it is time to bring your project into a live email signature. But this part, in most cases, requires at least basic HTML knowledge. Otherwise, you will have a hard time trying to implement the signature the way it looks in your draft. But, if you feel like neither designing your signature nor learning the HTML code, there is a smart alternative – Free Email Signature Generator powered by CodeTwo.

Free Email Signature Generator lets you create various HTML signatures

Introducing Free Email Signature Generator

Free Email Signature Generator is an online generator that will help you build your own, professional email signatures for both personal and business purposes. You do not need to worry about the proper composition of your signature or have the HTML knowledge to use it. The only thing you need to do is to select an email client you use, choose a template you like the most and fill it with your data. The generator will put all that information together and prepare a perfect customized signature. And if you wonder how to implement that signature – the generator will guide you through that process as well.

How to use email signature generator

Just a quick glance is enough to get the idea of how to use the generator. To feel even more comfortable, let’s have a closer look at its functionalities and set-up.

The generator is divided into four main parts giving you a quick access to all buttons and features necessary for signature design.

1. Select email platform

In the top-left corner, there is the Choose email platform section where you can select what email platform you use. You can choose from Outlook, Outlook 365, Thunderbird, Gmail, Exchange Server or Exchange Online. This step is important as it informs the generator how to properly configure your signature.

Choose email platform in email signature generator.

2. Select your email signature template

You can select your signature in the Choose signature template section. In this section, you can switch between various email signature templates to find the one that suits you best. All the templates are well-tailored to meet requirements of a modern design – they are clear, neat, professional and attractive at the same time.  What’s more, the template library is constantly updated with new email signatures.

Choose email signature template that suits you best

3. Fill in user and company data

In the Enter signature details section, you need to provide all details you want to include in your signature. This part is organized into five subsections where you can add your personal and company data, graphics, disclaimer and social media links. For Exchange Server and Exchange Online email platforms, you will notice an additional functionality – Replace user data with Active Directory placeholders. This is a very useful feature, which converts your data into dynamic placeholders that are later used by Exchange to fill in your signature with users’ Active Directory data.

Enter signature details

4. Verify your changes

Before you export your signature template, you can verify whether everything is well prepared. In the Signature preview, you will see how the signature will be displayed in your emails. If there is anything you would like to change, this is the right moment to do so.

Preview your email signature to check all details.

5. Implement the signature in your email client

The generator not only helps you prepare the signature but also lets you easily implement it in your email platform. Using the How to apply your signature button will generate a customized ready-to-use instruction that will guide you through the entire process of implementation.

Start designing your signatures with Email Signature Generator – it’s free!
Read all about email signatures on this website.

9 thoughts on “Create email signatures using Free Email Signature Generator

  1. I will like to find out how to make sure that the signature doesnt come at the end of an email trail. Instead, I want it to appear after each email at the end of every message

    • Since you have encountered this problem, you are probably adding email signatures via mail flow rules. Mail flow rules can only add signatures at the very end of email threads. The only way to ensure the well-formatted signature appears under each reply and forward is to use a third-party email signature management tool. So, to achieve the next level of organization-wide email signatures, you can use:
      For on-premises Exchange – CodeTwo Exchange Rules
      For Office 365 – CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365

  2. Hi, I have followed all instructions and created a signature but every time I paste it into Microsoft word the logo and banner display really low res. I’ve researched this and learned that the DPI needs to be 96dpi for this not too happy but still after changing this, it still displays very low res. What can I do to fix this? Also is there a way to save my signature as when I have to turn off my computer, I lose my signature and then have to do it all again to make amends!! please display asap. thank you

    • Hi Suzanne,
      First, make sure you are using photos with the right dimensions in pixels. Each design specifies the recommended resolution and it’s best to use pictures with exactly the recommended dimensions or their multiplied values. So if you see that the recommended size is 150×200, you can also use, for example, 300×400 images. Using lower size or non-typical dimension almost always results in blurry pictures.
      DPI measures printing quality, I don’t think it applies to digital pictures in any way. Unless they are printed. But then, they are not digital, anymore.
      Why are you pasting the signature into Microsoft Word? It is not mentioned at any point in the generator’s documentation. It can be used to “save” your signature; however, Microsoft Word and other word processors tend to add additional formatting to the code. As a result, you may experience some strange and hard-to-predict issues when sending or forwarding emails.
      The current version of the signature generator does not have a save option, but you can paste the signature into your email client’s signature editor. Thanks to that, you will be able to make any changes manually, and the signature will be saved for you. Without any side effects.

    • Hi Sunny,
      Yes, the signatures work with Macs. If you have any problems uploading the signature, take a look at the User’s Manual. It should help you solve any problems you might have while using the Signature Generator. If you are still unable to upload the signature to Outlook, please specify at which step you encounter the problem.

    • Hi Pieter,
      Please make sure you are using the direct link to the logo and not a shareable link. How to get the direct link depends on the image hosting service you are using, but in most cases, it is enough to visit the shareable link URL, right-click on the picture and choose Copy image address.

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