Centrally managed email signatures and disclaimers for G Suite

We are sorry, but CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients mentioned in this article has been discontinued. If you are looking for alternatives, take a look at CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.

googlemail-64If you are a cloud email admin who manages lots of Gmail users on your Google Apps for Business account, you know that the service is fairly rough around the edges when it comes to email signatures. It’s pretty simple for end-users to set up a signature when they are logged into their account, but if you had to create a global disclaimer for the entire company, or at least to centrally unify the signature for selected departments or users, Google Apps won’t help you here.

This need may sound weird, but it’s crucial to append a standardized legal note to all outgoing messages in your firm. If you also care about your corporate identity, it might be a good idea to make sure your employees’ signatures correspond with it and look professional. This also doesn’t have to mean they can’t be personalized.

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients will help you quickly compose a template with Active Directory variables, which can be used as your automatic, company-wide signature for all your Gmail users. No HTML experience is required to do it. If you know how to use a word processor, this program has you covered.

Simply install the program on any computer in your domain (it doesn’t have to be a server) and launch it.

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CodeTwo Exchange Folders coming very soon

For the past months our mobile and Exchange teams have been hacking away on a new program called CodeTwo Exchange Folders and they have now come to a spot that we would refer to as Release Candidate. As the name suggests, the program will let you exchange folders between users and devices. And now… (drums!) you will be able to sync Exchange Public Folders and any personal folders with your Android devices (iOS support coming a few weeks later).

The tool will come in tandem with dedicated mobile apps for syncing Exchange calendar, contacts and tasks. Do you think you will warrant these apps a coveted spot on your homescreen?

CodeTwo Exchange Folders

Meeting requests are back in Outlook and iCloud sync – CodeTwo Sync for iCloud updated

We’ve just updated CodeTwo Sync for iCloud – our blockbuster product for hassle-free synchronization of Outlook and iCloud folders (calendars, contacts, reminders/tasks). The new version brings back the meeting request sync feature that was blocked in the previous release due to iCloud resending invites to past events upon sychronization.

We’ve also added support for Outlook 2013 and Windows 8.

To update the program, simply download this version and install it on top of the exisiting installation. Your settings will remain unchanged.

Thank you for all the comments, emails and phone calls regarding missing features. Without you, this program wouldn’t be as killer as it is now. If you have more questions, ideas, or just want to send us your feedback, feel free to add your comment below.

And for those of you who haven’t heard about CodeTwo Sync for iCloud yet (is this still possible?), check out its website or the video here:

Check out CodeTwo Sync for iCloud
Find out more about other synchronization tools for Outlook

What’s brewing at CodeTwo? Slew of new products in 2013

Christmas holidays are just around the corner. The world is slowing down, my wife’s spinning the 1940s Christmas hits from YouTube, and my neighbor is making a lot of noise with his brand new snowplow. And yes.. Home Alone is on TV again.

At CodeTwo we’re going against the tide, as usually. I’m not talking about the secure cloudless Outlook sharing platform we released a few weeks ago – I’m talking about all those coding binges. The folks from the dev department are coding as if the end of the world was close and they could stop it somehow. They can, OK? You’ll see.

Fast on the heels of releasing CodeTwo Public Folders 5, we’ve rolled out CodeTwo Email Signatures and immediately made headlines on German IT portals. The product lets users add global, company-wide email signatures to emails sent from Office 365, OWA and Outlook. The application is still young and we’re constantly developing it. In Q1 2013 it’s going to see a major update as we’re adding support for Google Apps signatures, and a host of other improvements.

But that’s not all. There are other products in the works at the moment. Some of them are now being tested in the lab, others are still prototypes, and one ground-breaking app is even on my phone now. Let me take a look at it once again. Aaaah I can see a calendar, contacts… OK I was supposed not to tell anyone yet.

You can expect to see a number of exciting products – not only for Exchange 2010 and 2013 but also for Office 365 and other platforms. We’re also developing existing applications to make sure they meet all your requirements.

And now a sneak peek at our whiteboard. It’s not Battleships!

Stay tuned and check back with me later. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here as comments – I’m happy to answer all of them.

Add email signatures to messages sent from Office 365, Outlook and OWA – central management

Today marks the roll-out of our totally new product – CodeTwo Email Signatures. The program answers the need for an email signature and disclaimer manager that automatically adds personalized signatures to messages sent from Office 365, any version of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web App (OWA).

The application supports Exchange OWA, letting you bypass Hub Transport rules and deploy global email footers directly to OWA settings of each user. In fact, you do not even need Exchange Server as you can do it also for Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 (an older) hooked up to any kind of account, and for Office 365 users as well.

With just a few clicks in a signature creation wizard, you can compose a template with users’ data, colors and graphics and create an email policy for the entire company, department or specific users.

The product has been launched with a host of features for local and online Outlook:

  • One central manager for email signatures for multiple users
  • Signatures can be deployed for an unlimited number of users
  • Logos, graphics, banners and branding in Outlook email
  • Signatures are added while users compose their email and are also visible in Sent items folders
  • Aids email compliance thanks to disclaimers
  • Easy to use editor for HTML, RTF and TXT signatures
  • Tech support 24h on weekdays

Email signature displayed under the message body.

CodeTwo Email Signatures comes as a 30-day trial, full-featured version. Prices for the product start at $102 for 10 licenses and you can buy even packs for 1000 users or more.

As usually, we are open to any remarks and comments – we will certainly respond to them. Feel free to download this product and test in your environment.

CodeTwo Email Signatures home page

We are crazy so call us maybe?

Hey. What’s wrong with us? Nothing, really. But when I look at some of the photos of us and our office taken in 2012, it makes me wonder if we’re not as crazy as Carly Rae Jepsen would want us to be. Take a look at some of the shots from the office and the neighborhood, and decide for yourself. And then… call us maybe, eh?

There is a hair salon down below our office. Mostly for girls, so boys don’t plunge into the unknown (which means anywhere outside the office). We have everything we need here – even a bunch of drone-barbers that cut hair together with bits of foreheads with laser accuracy.

There’s also a drum kit with giant drum sticks. Or normal drum sticks with a tiny drum kit. I couldn’t figure it out…

And that’s from Darts International Masters. Don’t mind the guy on the right – he’s from Tech Support. As you can see, hardly anyone knows what a bullseye is.

And this is a Robin Hood style from the programmers’ dep. Sorry for the quality – I think the pic was taken with a vacuum cleaner. And yes, that’s a fire extinguisher next to a chair – it’s just because it’s so hot when they play darts!

Is this my son’s desk? No! It belongs to someone from Tech Support!

We didn’t have any gangs (I think…) in our town so we decided to create our own. The lady in the middle (there are no other ladies I think) is a photo model. We’re not sexy enough to even make a pass to any girl… But the photo looks good, doesn’t it?

And we also threw a crazy IT party with Guitar & Glockenspiel Heroes a few weeks ago…

And then we took some yoga classes just outside of our town… If you exercise a lot (for like 3 minutes) the landscape behind looks like the Gale Crater! Great yoga stuff!

So, is this crazy? Can you call us maybe? If you make any tech support call, chances are that the guy on the left (the Mario-like creature) will answer it. But don’t worry, he only looks crazy. Please don’t judge the book by its cover.

CodeTwo retains Microsoft Gold Competency

For another year in a row CodeTwo attains Microsoft Gold Competency as Independent Software Vendor. Hurray!

The Gold Certified status is the highest rank a software engineering company can get in the Microsoft Partner Network. It not only recognizes CodeTwo’s expertise with Microsoft technologies, but also proves that our software does exactly what it says on the tin.

To achieve the Gold, our programs had to be tested, we had to carry out a bunch of customer satisfaction surveys, and gather a number of users’ reviews regarding our products to confirm that we meet customers’ needs. And here we are – Gold Independent Software Vendors!

Stay tuned for more, as we’re rolling out a new thing in a couple of weeks. We believe it will step your game up to a whole new level with Outlook.

CodeTwo Sync for iCloud updated to v. 1.2

Greetings! It’s been a few weeks since the release of the first version of CodeTwo Sync for iCloud – a program designed for synchronizing iCloud and Outlook. We’ve reported thousands of downloads so far and have received lots of emails from users like you. You have our sincere thanks!

Based on your remarks and comments, we updated the program. The latest release (v. 1.2) has a new feature that automatically hides calendar reminders for iCloud folders. We’ve also blocked an option that enabled a user to use the same folder in different synchronization pairs. Take a look at the list of other bug fixes:

  • Improved edition of synced items.
  • Fixed issue with deleted attachments reappearing in Outlook.
  • The “Sync with iCloud…” option in the context menu is no longer available for folders that cannot be synced with iCloud.
  • Fixed identification of deleted sync folders.

Updating is naturally free of charge. Just download the program from here, launch the installer and follow the wizard. There is no need to uninstall the previous version. All your settings and sync associations will not be changed.

Should you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments or contact Support directly. We’re here to help all the time.

Download CodeTwo Sync for iCloud here.

Oh and take a look at this great video that we made some time ago ;)

Brand new CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010/2007 – upgrade now

Hi fellow CodeTwo users. Back in September 2011, we mentioned about a lot of new stuff coming down the pike. Since then we have released a new tool and rolled out several new features beefing up our exisitng programs. Our dev teams have been constantly working on a couple of different projects. Two days ago we released CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 2.0 (for Exchange 2010) and CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 3.0 (for Exchange 2007).

It’s not an ordinary upgrade as the applications come with a bevy of new features. We have also hammered out the kinks you had reported in previous verions and entirely revamped the user’s interface. All of this to make these Exchange add-ons more useful, powerful and stable. The programs open up the world of new possibilities with signatures and disclaimers.

Take a look at what’s new in both of the programs:

  • Completely new user’s interface with new options
  • Remote access to the program
  • Rule scheduler for planning ahead your email campaings
  • Employee’s photos in signatures + a free tool to add them to Active Directory
  • QR codes in email signatures
  • Signatures as headers
  • End-user signature control
  • Advanced rules tester
  • Settings Import/Export tool
  • Updated signature positioning mechanism
  • Improved stability.

The upgrade is not free of charge, however, you can get it for just 10% of the normal price of the product if you have the previous version. Just head on over to the product’s website, hit the Buy button and select upgrade from the previous version.

Deploying the program is as simple as installing it over the existing version of the product. All signatures and settings will remain unchanged.

Learn more about CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010
Learn more about CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007
Contact Customer Support – available 24h a day

Sync iPhone and iPad with Outlook – now it’s seamless

We wouldn’t be ourselves if we hadn’t fixed an issue with a 3rd party product and then shared it with the world. Many of our tools were initially created solely for our own needs, tested by us in a live environment as we grew from a small business to what we are now, and then turned into products that many of you use today. So… here we come with another tool for Outlook and iPhone/iPad aficionados.

We’ve heard from our fellow users that the iCloud feature from Apple™, which is meant to synchronize Outlook with iCloud, iPhone, iPad and other iCloud-compatible devices, is a great tool but does not really sync the stuff that you already have in Outlook but creates another set of folders.

To delve into the problem, we started using iCloud Control Panel together with Outlook for our own needs and soon we realized that our Outlook synchronization algorithms can quickly fix the issue. That’s how we came up with this:

CodeTwo Sync for iCloud enables you to automatically synchronize Microsoft Outlook folders with iCloud folders – the rest is in done by iCloud itself. The program will let you seamlessly synchronize Outlook calendar, tasks and contacts with your smartphone. And, as always, it’s easier and faster than you can imagine.

Just check it out for yourself:
Learn more and download CodeTwo Sync for iCloud
CodeTwo’s Official Website