9 thoughts on “CodeTwo Outlook AutoConfig Released

  1. You might ask, why did we create such a program if there is a similar functionality built into Microsoft Outlook already?

    The e-mail account auto-configuration functionality in Outlook is primarily designed to work with Exchange Server accounts and it doesn’t work as expected with POP3/SMTP service providers. For example try to auto-configure your @gmail account in Outlook. First of all, you will wait for about 2-3 minutes before Outlook finishes its job, and after that you’ll see that in result you receive an IMAP account configured! I didn’t find a way to force Outlook to create a POP3/SMTP account.

    Outlook AutoConfig properly configures my e-mail accounts in split second, so I’ve got no time to dig in what’s wrong with Outlook built-in function.

  2. @Tom

    CodeTwo Outlook AutoConfig will automatically configure your email account in Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail. Normally you have to know pop3 and smtp addresses and port numbers of your email account and have to add it manually. With this program, you only need to provide your email address and the remaining part is filled in automatically – so you don’t need to know any technical details concerning your email account. It is perfect for NON-IT-GEEKS and for Geeks who have multiple email accounts and have just moved to a new system.

  3. Hi Simon and all – What problem does it solve? Not trying to be negative – just trying to understand why you wrote it. Thanks!

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