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It is time for new Outlook freeware from CodeTwo! We have already been giving away smart apps that remind about missing attachments, export PST files to Excel, unblock files such as .exe or .reg, sync Outlook mails, tasks, calendars or categories between computers or even automatically configure your e-mail account in Outlook, and many more… Now we are pleased to announce that yet another totally new, practical Outlook add-on has been released and offered to all of you for free. Its concept has appeared in our office based on our own every-day experience when sending bunch of e-mails to other staff members, supervisors or clients. This time the idea concerns group messages, when we have many recipients specified in the To: or Cc: field. It was happening to many of us to hastily press the Reply instead of the Reply to All button while responding to such e-mails. It is sometimes very troublesome and embarrassing and we definitely do not want this to happen when exchanging a business group correspondence.

Fortunately, the new tool called CodeTwo Outlook Reply All Reminder helps Outlook users to prevent such situations. It is a user-friendly application which does not require any configuration. After you install it, you can be sure that next time you click Reply, when replying to a group correspondence, the plugin will trigger a notification window informing that your message will be received by one person only (the original sender of the e-mail that you are replying to). The program will ask you if you want to send the Reply to All instead, what you can confirm by clicking an appropriate button, as shown below:

Click the Reply to All button to send the message to all recipients
Want it already? Nothing easier, just go to CodeTwo Outlook Reply All Reminder’s website and download it for free. :)

CodeTwo Outlook Reply All Reminder – download page
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