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Customer Case Study

LC Packaging

Backup for Office 365 Case Study LC Packaging

Company description

LC Packaging was established almost a century ago in Amsterdam. Now, this Europe-based company is a world player in the manufacture and distribution of packaging for agriculture, construction, and other fields. The organization has 16 offices all over the world.


LC Packaging cares about all the data they store and process. For them, emails are one of the most important sources of information, as they contain important business data and personal information. The group uses Office 365 for their emailing needs. The security policy at LC Packaging requires backing up sensitive data from Office 365 mailboxes to a local storage.

Wessel van der Waart, IT Support Representative in LC Packaging, tells us that the company “had no easy way to back up Office 365 mailboxes to an on-premises disk array”. As having local copies of sensitive data is a priority for security reasons, the company decided to look for a third-party backup solution.


LC Packaging asked one of their trusted partners for backup software recommendations, and that is how they came across CodeTwo Backup for Office 365. The software has proven to be the right choice from the very beginning. The company’s representative describes his first impression with the software as follows: “It is a very good tool with a simple interface. What is more, the helpdesk response was quick and focused on providing a solution”.

Now, LC Packaging has an automatic Office 365 backup solution, which secures all their sensitive data. Furthermore, the software is completely transparent to the end user. The company can now rest assured that in case of a data loss incident, the local storage can be easily searched for specific information.

The IT department describes their experience with CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 with these words:

“Backup of mailboxes is an easy job now.”


Company name:LC Packaging
Number of employees:250
Number of emails processed every day:Thousands
Server type:Office 365
Problem:No easy way to back up Office 365 mailboxes to a local disk array.
CodeTwo product(s) you use:CodeTwo Backup for Office 365
Implementation type250 Office 365 mailboxes

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