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Case Study by Heico - CodeTwo Backup for Office 365

Company description

Heico is a family owned company founded in 1979 in the United States. Its core business is manufacturing, but the company also operates in construction and industrial services. Heico is currently present in 18 countries on 5 continents with the team of over 9,000 members.


Heico processes about 130,000 emails daily. The issue they faced was the inability to restore deleted items when it was required. It was especially problematic when a user account was terminated and it was impossible to recover emails from that account. As Heico wants to ensure the highest quality of services in all areas, the company needed to find a solution that would guarantee emails availability even if a user account was permanently deleted.


Jeff Jackson, the representative of Heico Companies LLC, searched the web for a reliable backup solution. The application had to integrate with the Office 365 environment and efficiently process over 3,500 users accounts. His choice was CodeTwo Backup for Office 365. Mr. Jackson’s first impression of CodeTwo Backup was that the software is "very easy to use and so intuitive that you do not really need a manual." He also added that the program is "scalable and reliable as it just keeps running". Heico's representative noted that “with over 3,500 accounts, the program needs to handle a lot of traffic and it appears to be doing the job successfully." Our backup solution was also appreciated for its restore options which helped the company "easily restore emails to the user accounts or to a 'restore' account if there was a need to investigate an issue."


Company name:Heico Companies LLC
Number of employees:Over 9,000
Number of emails processed every day:130,000
Problem:Inability to restore deleted items. Deleted user accounts and emails were not recoverable.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Backup for Office 365
Implementation type:3,500-4,000 users
Implementation time:Immediate

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