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Customer Case Study

Crum & Forster

Case Study Office 365 Backup Crum & Forster

Company description

This US-based insurance group is a subsidiary of the Fairfax Financial Holdings corporation. The brand's history dates back to 1822. Crum & Forster provides a broad range of coverages, including property and casualty insurance, reinsurance and investment management. Protecting their client’s personal information is one of the company's highest priorities, as it is the customers’ trust that is on put the line.


The company needed to move 15 users from Office 365 to their on-premises Exchange Server to have full control over their highly confidential data. As it turned out, there are no reliable ways to perform such a migration natively. The PST export/import workaround could theoretically solve this problem, but it proved to be buggy and time-consuming. The migration task was quite a pressing matter, and the company could not afford to lose any data in the process.


As workarounds were not dependable and trustworthy, the IT department needed to find a tool which would perform the task quickly and securely. They googled for the solution and found CodeTwo Backup for Office 365. That is how Dan Hartmann, a Senior System Engineer at Crum & Forster, describes his experience with the tool:

“We simply needed to migrate 15 Office 365 users onto our in-house Exchange. 300 GB of data does not sound overwhelming but still – it was too much for PST files to handle. Luckily, we found CodeTwo Backup for Office 365. We were surprised to find out that although this software is primarily used to create backups of Office 365 data, it also works great for our migration scenario. This nice utility was easy to set up and took care of our migration quickly and with no problems or errors.”


Company name:Crum & Forster
Number of employees:2000+
Server type:Office 365
ProblemNeed to migrate mailboxes from Office 365 to an on-premises Exchange Server*. No native tools available for this purpose, and workarounds worked well
Data sizearound 300 GB
CodeTwo product(s) you use CodeTwo Backup for Office 365*
Implementation type15 Office 365 users
Implementation time:Setup: 2 hours
Migration: around 2 days

* Now, migration from Office 365 to Exchange on-prem can be even easier and quicker with CodeTwo Office 365 Migration.

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