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Customer Case Study

Copyright Agency

Backup for Office 365 CS Copyright Agency

Company description

Copyright Agency is an Australian non-profit organization which takes pride in its 40 years of experience. The Agency helps all kinds of creators to protect their intellectual property and the content they create. In other words, thanks to this organization, designers can focus on designing, while all of their work is protected. Copyright Agency enables reuse of copyright-protected creations and makes sure that their authors are rewarded for their effort.


The Agency requires a very high level of mailbox protection. They use emails as their main communication channel to provide secure means of contact for their clients. Although Office 365 ensures the safety of emails on the move, the organization wants to make sure that all of the mailbox data is defended against every risk, just as well. To guarantee a comprehensive mailbox backup, they decided to look for third-party solutions.


Looking for the right tool for the job was not difficult for Copyright Agency. Before deploying CodeTwo Backup for Office 365, they had used other CodeTwo product to manage their email signatures. Knowing that CodeTwo software does its job very well, they downloaded CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 as well.

“CodeTwo software does what the description says” – we hear from Greg Desnica, Senior System Administrator at Copyright Agency. “Installation and configuration is easy, thanks to the well-designed UI and the documentation provided by CodeTwo. Whenever we raise any support cases, the response time is very short, and all of our issues are fixed quickly.”

Now, Copyright Agency can get even more out of the Office 365 subscription. Their emails are protected at all times, thanks to CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 and their correspondence is professionally branded with the help of CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.


Company name:Copyright Agency
Number of employees:110
Number of emails processed every day:5000+
Problem:Not standardized email signatures, no means to back up Exchange Online mailboxes, some users forget to turn on their out of office messages.
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Backup for Office 365, CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365
Implementation type:110 mailboxes
Implementation time:1-2 hours per product

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