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Customer Case Study

cellent AG

CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 - Case Study - cellent AG

Company description

Cellent AG , active for 30 years in the IT market, is now one of the leading consulting and system integration companies in Southern Germany. Their portfolio includes, i.a. SAP Consulting and Managed Services. In addition to its headquarters in Stuttgart, the company has other locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


The major problem was that the Office 365 platform does not provide the native feature to create mailbox backups. Therefore, cellent AG decided to back up their data using a third-party solution. The main concern was to find a program, which gives the ability to backup data from standard and shared mailboxes so that it can be restored quickly and easily when it is needed.


Joannis Savvidis, Senior Service Consultant at cellent AG, searched through the Internet looking for available backup tools for Office 365 and this way found CodeTwo. After contacting the CodeTwo Customer Service, he decided to check CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 and test the program in the organization. As our program was found intuitive to set up and easy to operate, cellent AG made a decision to implement CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 in the production environment. “CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 has a good range of services. The program let us react quickly to possible data loss." - said Savvidis. “This way the risk of losing any emails, contacts, calendar entries or tasks is minimized or even entirely eliminated.” - he emphasized.


Company name:cellent AG 
Number of employees:570
Server type:Office 365 
Average mailbox size:3 GB
Problem:No native backup option for Office 365 mailboxes. 
Solution/Product:CodeTwo Backup for Office 365
Implementation time:One month including testing.

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