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Why CodeTwo Backup for Exchange is secure

CodeTwo Backup for Exchange is a solution developed to help companies secure their emails, contacts, calendars and other Exchange mailbox and public folders’ contents. See how the program protects your business data.

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CodeTwo Backup for Exchange

Reliability and security

CodeTwo Backup for Exchange Security encryption
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CodeTwo Backup for Exchange Security secure

Data encryption

To ensure data security, CodeTwo Backup encrypts mailbox contents while backing it up to local storages. Each backup copy and archive file created by the program is encrypted as well. As a result, a user who is not allowed to read and edit the backup contents will not be able to access it.

Recovery key to deal with unexpected events

Just in case the password that protects the storage is lost, the program generates a special Recovery key to recover data inside that storage. Although this scenario may not be very likely to happen, the program is already prepared to help you out.

Storages protected with password

Corporate data should not be accessed by anyone who is not allowed to manage it. That is why CodeTwo Backup for Exchange gives you an option to protect each storage with a password so that no unauthorized person can access and modify its contents.

Diagnostics and monitoring

CodeTwo Backup for Exchange has been equipped with a notification and real-time diagnostic mechanism to keep you informed on events that you want to know about. The program reports the results of the backup process directly in the Administration Panel. It can also send important notifications directly to your email address so that you can react in a timely manner. 

No third party keeps your Exchange mailbox data

CodeTwo Backup for Exchange operates directly in your environment and saves all the backed up data to your company’s local storage. This means that no person from outside the company or from a third-party service can see your emails, contacts, calendars or other mailbox data. Only authorized employees or administrators will be able to access the storages to manage the backup copies.

Invisible to end users

When the program backs up Exchange mailboxes, end users can work as usual on their mailboxes with no interruptions. There is no risk of losing or damaging emails, contacts, calendars or other items while the backup process is performed on mailboxes currently in use.

Reliable and solid backups

The program guarantees high reliability and stability of backups in case any piece of data needs to be quickly browsed and recovered. CodeTwo Backup for Exchange also allows you to run automatic backup jobs that will work continuously or at the scheduled time periods to make sure that local backups are constantly updated with new mailbox data.

Secure data restoration

There would be no point in creating backups if you could not quickly recover the backed up data or could not restore it at all. CodeTwo Backup for Exchange ensures reliable and secure data restoration when it is needed. You can easily recover even single emails to comply with both legal and internal requirements.

24-hour technical support

No matter when you find it necessary to contact our support team, CodeTwo highly trained technicians are at your disposal 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Try for free

CodeTwo Backup for Exchange can be easily tested in your environment by downloading and installing a free trial version of the program. The trial version works for 30 days, allowing you to check all the program’s functionalities. The only limitation is that when restoring backed up items to an Exchange mailbox, the trial version will allow you to recover only up to 5 items per folder.