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How to transfer signatures between different CodeTwo products


You would like to copy a signature (or a signature template) from one CodeTwo product to another.


To transfer a signature from one program to another, you need to copy and paste its source code. Use the links below for guidelines.


This article is most useful when you migrate between the programs that use the same signature editor. If you copy a signature between different versions of the editor (e.g. from CodeTwo Exchange Rules to CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365), the formatting (especially tables) might change and you might need to fix it afterwards. In such a case, it may be a better idea to create a signature template from scratch. Contact us if you have any problems - our Support team can help you recreate your templates.

How to copy a signature

To copy a signature or a signature template, you need to:

  1. Open (edit) your signature in the Editor.
    • If you use CodeTwo Exchange Rules (or Exchange Rules Pro), open the Administration Panel and find a rule that contains the signature that you want to copy (or load your signature from the Template Library if that's where your signature is). To open the signature in the Editor, click the Edit button on the Actions tab (Fig. 1.). Note that the Editor is available only in the signature or disclaimer related actions.

      Fig. 1. How to edit a signature in CodeTwo Exchange Rules & Exchange Rules Pro.

    • If you use CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, you need to launch the Manage Signatures App and go to the Design tab. Find your signature on the rules list and edit it via the Edit signature button, as shown in Fig. 2..

      Edit signature - Email Signatures for Office 365
      Fig. 2. How to edit a signature in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.

  2. Click the </> Source button in the Editor to open the HTML source code view (Fig. 3.).

Fig. 3. How to open the source code view of a signature.

  1. Select the entire HTML code by pressing Ctrl+A on the keyboard and copy it to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C.

How to paste a signature

To paste a signature into another CodeTwo software, you need to:

  1. Create a new signature rule in your CodeTwo program and use the Edit / Edit Signature button to launch the Editor for your new signature. For guidelines, go to Step 1. in the How to copy a signature section.

    Tip (only for the software from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family)

    If you want to add your copied signature directly into the Template Library of your CodeTwo program, skip Step 1. above and click the Load template button (see Fig. 1. and 2.) to launch the Template Library. Now, click the Add button and choose New template (Fig. 4.). Type in a name for your template and click OK. This will open the Editor. This works only in the software from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family.

    Fig. 4. How to create a new signature template.

  2. Click the </> Source button in the Editor to open an empty HTML source code view.
  3. Paste the HTML source code of your signature by pressing Ctrl+V on the keyboard. Click Save.


    • If your signature contains references to local content (such as images), these references may not be correctly linked after you paste the signature. Make sure that all the references are working properly before going live with the signature. If necessary, insert all signature elements again in the Editor.
    • Some AD attribute placeholders in your pasted signature might not work, especially if you moved from Active Directory (CodeTwo Exchange Rules) to Azure AD (CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365). This is because different attributes are available in on-premises and cloud Active Directory environments. Also keep in mind that the conditional placeholders functionality is available only in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365. Learn more about placeholder availability
  4. Save the changes in the Editor and close it.
  5. Save your signature rule in the program (or click OK to save your template, if you are back in the Template Library).

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